• Dear Parents:

    Fulfilled, happy, confident, responsible, kind, and loving. We have learned that these are goals families want for their children, and as teachers, what we want for our students. We recognize that as a family member, you are our students’ first teacher and we want to partner with you to help our children become tolerant, compassionate, and caring adults. To support achieving these goals and help our students build their social-emotional skills, we are pleased to share that we are implementing Sanford Harmony (Harmony) in our school community. Social emotional learning (SEL) helps children by promoting their health and emotional well-being and contributing to the prevention of violence, truancy, bullying, and substance abuse. In addition, SEL is associated with significant gains on academic achievement tests.

                  Sanford Harmony is a social-emotional teaching program that cultivates supportive and respectful relationships and is designed to build healthy relationships among students by having them engage in activities that promote understanding and respect. Over the course of the five units listed below, students will participate in engaging activities designed to enhance their abilities to learn, work, and spend time together - they include:

    Diversity and Inclusion • Critical Thinking • Communication • Problem Solving • Peer Relationships

     We welcome your feedback on Harmony and encourage you to reach out if you would like additional information. To learn more about Sanford Harmony please visit sanfordharmony.org.

    Thank you for your support!


    Mr. Redden

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  • The first step toward our goal of creating a positive classroom community is to provide students with an opportunity to get to know one another. On Monday, August 24, 2020, I would like your child to bring two to three items to school. These should be things that are important to your child that he/she would like to share with the class. Examples of items include: photos, baseball hat, ballet slippers, a favorite T-shirt, a drawing, CD, Book, video game, or a favorite food. I plan to bring in two to three items of my own, so students can get know me better, too!  I am looking forward to this foundational activity and the relationship it will help build throughout the school year!



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