Media Center Hours

  • 7:10-7:30 a.m.: Elementary morning option

    8:00 - 2:00 p.m.: Check-in and check out books

    Open virtually all the time!

Circulation Information

    1. Students may check out books for up to two weeks.
      Grade K-2: one book
      Grade 3-4: two books
      Grade 5-7: three books
      Grade 8: four books
    2. A student may re-check a book one time.
    3. Reference books may not be checked out by students.
    4. No fines are charged for overdue books.
    5. Lost materials should be paid for by the student as soon as possible.
    6. Students may only check out a 2nd chance book if they have an overdue book or library fine. 
    7. Students may only check out one book from an author or series or SSYRA book at a time. 
    8. We do ask all students in grades 3-8 get a fiction chapter book as one of their book options. This is due to the students only coming to the library once every other week since we are accomodating one week elementary and one week middle school. 

Overdue/Fine Notices

  • The library media center sends out notices on a regular basis to students who have overdue books or fines.

    • Middle school notices are sent via email to the students each Friday at 8am. 
    • Elementary students will receive theirs from their teacher at least one time per month.