• A note to students as the year ends:

    I really enjoyed working with all of you during the second semester of this year.  It didn’t end as I would have expected it to but I’m grateful for the time that we did get to work together.  Seniors, I’m sorry that this year did not measure up to your expectations and that you did not get to benefit from the normal senior experience.  Please keep your heads up and take pride in the fact that you made it and are achieving something truly special.  To all students, I hope you all have a great summer and I wish you lots of luck in your plans for the future.  Take care and stay safe!




    Welcome to the new online distance learning platform!  We will be using this platform in order to keep everyone safe during these difficult and uncertain times.  This may be odd and uncomfortable for some but we will work together and get through this.  Please keep in mind that this is new for all of us and we will adapt as we go along.  If something doesn’t work, then we will adjust moving forward.  We will be learning for the sake of learning, without the stress of quizzes and exams.


     New Guidelines

    • I will be posting two to three assignments on my teacher webpage on a weekly basis.
    • All assignments will be placed in one Classwork category and will determine your grade for this quarter.
    • Assignments will be posted on Mondays and will be due the following Monday via e-mail. Some work will be assigned in VHL and in those cases I will have access to your completed work.  Only one assignment will be posted this week as we are beginning half way through the week.  
    • The main focus of the assignments will be vocab and culture.  Learning grammar on-line may be challenging and I may work that in, but my goal is to expand your Spanish vocabulary as much as possible.
    • A note for Pre-IB students: I have been in communication with the other Spanish teachers and we are all aware that students may not be at the point they would normally be heading into the next level of Spanish next year and that's ok.  We will adapt and adjust as needed.



    You will need to log in to VHL and enroll in a course for quarter 4.  Please be sure to enroll in the correct course as well as the correct class period. The courses are listed below:

    • Pre IB: Pre IB SPA 2 - Q4 (Subsections: Period 1, Period 2, Period 5)
    • Spanish 2: SPA 2 - Q4 (Subsections: Period 3, Period 4, Period 6)


    These are uncertain times and we will move forward one step at a time until things start to feel normal again.  I’m here for you all.  If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat or need to get something off your chest, please e-mail me.  My e-mail is rebeca.oquendo@marion.k12.fl.us and I will be checking it constantly throughout the day.