Standards and Topics

  • W.4.6: Describe the concept of the Mandate of Heaven and its connection to the Zhou and later dynasties.

    W.4.7: Explain the basic teachings of Laozi, Confucius, and Han Fei Zi.

    W.4.8: Describe the contributions of classical and post classical China.

    W.4.9: Identify key figures from classical and post classical China.

    W.4.10: Explain the significance of the silk roads and maritime routes across the Indian Ocean to the movement of goods and ideas among Asia, East Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin.

    W.4.11: Explain the rise and expansion of the Mongol empire and its effects on peoples of Asia and Europe including the achievements of Ghengis and Kublai Khan.

    W.4.12: Identify the causes and effects of Chinese isolation and the decision to limit foreign trade in the 15th century.

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Unit 5 Daily Outlines