Temporary Assignments and Actvities

  • These are the previous "Flipped Classroom" and optional activites that were posted this year.


    Feel free to:

    • Use them
    • Complete them
    • Turn in work from them for now


    I will be creating assignments in our Google Classroom, however, for now, use these to keep yourself working, motivated and learning! You got this! 





    ‪Call or Text my Class Assigned Number:

    (352) 388-1155‬


    - Hughes! 

Click Titles to Expand Assignments

  • Origami and Drawing Exercises

  • Cars

  • Spring Break Art Waves and Misc

  • Radial Balance and Symmetry

  • Drawing Dragons Folds, Overlap, Shading, Color

  • Student Research

  • Shoe Templates for Design

  • Cartoons and Manga

  • Animation Lessons and Resources

  • Cartoons for Drawing and Reference WIP

  • Graffiti Fonts Lettering Doodle Monsters and Chibis

  • Flipped Gesture, Figure and Portrait Drawing.

  • Fashion Design Lessons and Activities Click to Expand

  • Photography Lesson Composition Click to Expand