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    FSA  FSA (3-5)

    This website is the resource for questions about the Florida Standards Assessments.  The Florida State Board of Education approved the Florida Standards for ELA (English Language Arts) and Math in 2014 and fully implemented in the 2014-15 school year for grades K-12.  All Florida schools teach these standards.  This website has helpful information about the testing including a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page (to get to this page click on the Students and Families button).  Some topics in the FAQ are:  How long are the assessments? Can students practice for the test?




    The following FSA Practice Tests are now available on the FSA Portal:


    Grades 4–5 Writing. You can access Practice Test materials, including the Writing Rubrics, Answer Keys, and Paper-Based Practice.


    While Grades 4–7 Writing are still administered on paper, CBT Practice Tests are available for these students.


    Tests, here: http://www.fsassessments.org/students-and-families/training-tests/ 


    FSE  ELA  Florida Standards

    This is an online resource that looks at the specific standards of what students are learning in the various grades.