• Unit 3, Topic 1: SPICE Themes of Ancient Egypt

    W.2.3: Identify the characteristics of civilization.

    W.2.4: Compare the economic, political, social, and religious institutions of ancient river civilizations.


    EQ #1: What is the historical and geographic context of ancient Egypt?

    EQ #2: How do the SPICE characteristics of Ancient Egypt compare to other river valley civilizations?


    Unit 3, Topic 2: Lasting Impacts of Ancient Egypt

    W.2.5: Summarize important achievements of Egyptian civilization.

    W.2.6: Determine the contributions of key figures from ancient Egypt.


    EQ #1: How does ancient Egypt still impact us today?

    EQ #2: Who should we remember from Ancient Egypt?


    Unit 3, Topic 3: Other African Kingdoms

    W.3.18: Describe the rise and fall of the ancient east African kingdoms of Kush and Axum and Christianity's impact.


    EQ #1: How did the kingdoms of Axum and Kush develop?

    EQ #2: How did Christianity impact both Axum and Ethiopia?

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