• Lots of things are due for 1984 on Monday 10/21/19. This is the comprehensive list to help you.

    1. Your homework for the novel. For each section, you should select 3 quotes and write one page that connects those three quotes to the overall theme/point of that section.

    2. You should write a 1 page personal reflection about the game. This is for everyone. How did you feel? What did you think? What was your strategy? Were there any surprises?

    3. One pager. You are to create a one pager, which is essentially a blank sheet of paper with lots of colorful pictures, words, and doodles to represent the novel. For this assignment, you should have a border that has a theme (total of 4). The interior should be filled with information and pictures that relate to one section of the AP Standards (1-6 as assigned). If you were not here, pick 1-6. If you pick one, then focus on one of the following characters: Winston, Julia, or O'Brien. 

    You can Google examples of one pagers to see the scope of these. Do not copy someone else's.

    Here is the document with the standards. I have a hard copy for you in class. If you weren't in class, this is still due on Monday. I will not take late work.