• Grammar Edit 1

    the kind of a book i like deals with animal type plots such as ring of bright water a story about the author and his pet otters this takes place in scotland


    Grammar Edit 2

    after rhonda left the room a surprise part for her birthday was planned by we 3 to be held at gladburn restaurant on april 11


    Grammar Edit 3

    Do you own a Pluto Platter. If you have a Frisbee in you’re closet you do! The original flying discs was actually pie tins from a bakery.

    In 1948, Fred Morrison manufacture the first flying discs made of plastic. Then, In January 1957, a company called Wham-O introduced the Pluto Platter. The Pluto Platter was later renamed the “Frisbee” its estimated that more Frisbee’s are sold each year than basketballs baseballs and footballs combined!


    Grammar Edit 4

    dale and myself since we dont want no part of the reward are donating it to the memorial scholarship fund the one founded by governor knapp


    Grammar Edit 5

    is mr babcock please put that pencil down alan going to solicit money for new equipment for the lab