• Buddha Week of 12/2/19

    Monday, 12/2. Topic: Indian Religions. Review Hinduism using a short guided reading activity and vocab match up. Then begin India, Lesson 2b on Buddhism. Students will get the vocabulary and workbook pages from the Study Smart workbook, pages 291-296. We will be using these pages all week long. Click here for a clean set of pages. HW: Workbook questions #1,2,3,5,6, and Review #1. Quiz Friday. 


    Tuesday, 12/3. Topic: Buddhism. Students will continue learning the origin and basic beliefs of Buddhism. We will be completing two graphic organizers this week. Click the titles to download fresh copies of each one. Students will receive copies in class. Four Noble Truths graphic and 8 Fold Path graphic.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Buddhism. Watch the Time Compass video on India and take notes on Buddhism. Students will complete both graphic organizers and the workbook pages, if they haven't already. The goal is to compare and contrast the basic origins and beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism.


    Friday, 12/6. Topic: Review and Quiz. We will review the week's notes and take a quiz.