• sitar player Week of 11/18/19

    Monday, 11/18. Topic: India, Lesson 2, Hinduism. Students will be learning the origin, beliefs, and impact of the Hindu religion. They will begin to take notes with an eye on making a storyboard that illustrates 6 basic facts of India and Hinduism. There is not homework this week.


    Tuesday, 11/19. Topic: Hinduism. Today students will be reading through a section of the textbook and answers text dependent questions. They will continue to look for basic facts that they can use in their storyboards. 


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Hinduism. Students will brainstorm the facts and illustrations they can use in their storyboards and begin the storyboard on large pieces of white poster paper.


    Friday. 11/22/19. Topic: Hinduism. Students will finish their storyboards and work on any make up work.