• guru Week of 11/4/19

    Monday, 11/4/19. Topic: Hebrews wrap-up. Students will complete the graphic organizer on the Hebrews Unit Organizer and summarize what we have learned about the ancient Israelite beliefs and leaders. Many students need to make up the Hebrews test from Friday. Others will preview the India unit with the Kids Discover magazine activities. 


    Tuesday, 11/5/19. Topic: Unit 5 India, Lesson 1, The Aryans. Students will begin the unit on India by viewing India in Google Earth, then begin with the essential question and vocabulary. Students will tear out pages 285-290 from their workbooks and I will pass out the Question Set that goes with those pages. HW: Complete the Question Set. Due Friday.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block Day. Students will continue working through lesson 2, reviewing the vocabulary and begin taking notes on India using the GRAPES routine. We will also complete a map reading lesson that focuses on the subcontinent of India. 


    Friday, 11/8/19. Topic: India, Lesson 1. Students will be reading through pages 248-256 in the textbook and taking notes using the GRAPES routine. Students will focus on geography, religion, achievements, politics, economy, and society of the ancient Indian people.