• King David Week of 10/28/19

    Monday, 10/28/19. Topic: Ancient Israelites. Students to read through an article about the Ancient Hebrews and take notes on the leaders and the beliefs of the Israelites. Begin Lesson 2, Israelite Kingdoms. Test on Friday covering Ancient Israelites, Lessons 1 and 2. 


    Tuesday, 10/29/19. Topic: Israelite Kingdoms. Students will be reading through pages 148-150 of the textbook to gather information about the leaders and beliefs of the Israelites. HW: Study Smart WB pages 175-178, #1, 2, 6, Review Lesson #1. Due Friday. SS WB pages 175-178.


    Wednesday, 10/30/19, Early Release Day. We will review the material and play a quiz game, or organize and clean backpacks and give students an opportunity to complete make up work. There is a staff vs. student volleyball game at 10:00 for the United Way fund raiser. So that will probably take up most of 3rd and 4th period. HW: the SS pages and study for the Test on Friday.


    Thursday, 10/31/19. Topic: Israelite Kingdoms. Students will write their own question and answer sets to match the paragraphs we are reading in the textbook. 


    Friday, 11/1/19. Topic: Israelite Kingdoms. We will review everything we've gone over so far in preparation for the test.