• Moses at Red Sea Week of 10/21/19

    Monday, 10/21/19. Topic: Egypt Wrap up. We will finish the unit on Egypt by viewing some of the Google Slide shows that the students made. We'll complete the cluster diagram on the Egypt Unit Organizer and review the vocabulary. We'll also review the GRAPES quiz if time permits. 


    Tuesday, 10/22/219. Topic: Unit 4, Israelites. Students will get the Unit Organizer for the Israel unit. We'll also begin Lesson 1 with the EQ and vocabulary. Students will be tearing out pages 169-174 from their Study Smart workbook. There will be a question set with those pages that will be the homework for this week. HW: Study Smart question set, due Friday.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Israelites. Students will be reading and taking notes on the key figures and basic beliefs of the Hebrew people.


    Friday, 10/25. Topic: Israelites. Review the week's lesson and make up any missing work.