• MCCA Drawing and Painting

    MCCA Requirements:

    FILL OUT APPLICATION for the school year 2020-2021!!

    Due January 28, 2020  

    o   under School Choice: http://applytomarionschools.com/

    o   Once you receive letter telling you have passed the first requirement- MUST call school for an AUDITION! *Very important!*

    AUDITION: Bring 3 drawings done on own on 8 ½ X 11 white paper

    -          A pair of shoes, artfully arranged

    -          Self-Portrait- NOT from phone, but from a mirror

    -          Still-Life- arrangement of objects- Draw what you see

    Practicum- Live Drawing Exercise


    You will be notified if you got in and then receive a letter for an Orientation in May that will cover basics of what to expect and will set you up for the Fall 2020.

    2D Art Program:

    Year 1: Drawing 1

    Year 2: Drawing/ Painting 2

    Year 3: Drawing/ Painting 3

    Year 4: Portfolio Development, AP 2D Design, AP 2D Drawing