• 10/7/19 Edit #1

    Have you ever seen the TV show I love lucy. In that show, Lucille ball starred as Lucy Ricardo. Her real-life husband desi Arnaz costarring as her tv husband bandleader Ricky Ricardo. Many experts beleive I Love Lucy is one of the gratest TV comedy shows of all time?

      The real Lucille Ball was born on August 6 1911 in Butte Montana. She grew up in Jamestown, New York


    10/9/19 Edit #2

    January 21 1975 was a historic day. On that day two supersonic Concorde aircraft made there first flights. One took of from London, and the other from paris. Later that year, the first Concorde flew to new york the flight from London to New York took about 3 ours. Other planes twice the time to make the same flight

      The fleet of Concorde’s was retierd in 2003. Over the years, the planes had carryed more then two million passengers.