OVERALL Course Syllabus


    Instructor: Jason Kasper (RM 2:2)
    Email: Jason.Kasper@marion.k12.fl.us        
    Phone: (352) 671-6120 (ex. 55939)


    ASSESSMENT: Students’ grades will be determined by the following:
    Homework – 10%        Classwork/Quizzes – 50%    Challenges*/Projects – 40%
    *In an effort to alleviate anxiety and stress Tests are referred to as “Challenges” and simply emphasized as assignments that are there to challenge them to think critically and show what they can do.


    90-100 A                     80-89 B                       70-79 C                       60-69 D                       0-59 F

    MAKEUP WORK:. Homework will consist of independent simple inquiry tasks to help build upon background knowledge for the current unit. Makeup work will be given in the case of an absence from school. Students will have 1 day for each day of absence to complete and turn in the makeup work except in the case of extenuating circumstances.

    CLASS EXPECTATIONS: Expectations for students within this class align with LWMS policies and schoolwide expectations known as the SOAR expectations (Say it with kindness, Own it, Act responsible, and Respect all). Class specific expectations are as follows:

    • Be on time and where you are supposed to be.
    • Be prepared and ready to learn.
    • Ask for what you may need.
    • Strive for excellence through prideful work, and always do your best.
    • Keep your hands, feet, and unkind comments to yourself.

    CLASS PROCEDURES: Every minute I have with a student is extremely valuable, therefore the following procedures must be followed on a daily basis.

    • Enter the room quietly placing backpack on the back of your chair, copy any homework for the night into your planner, and then begin work on daily “Bell Ringer” in your notebook.
    • Demonstrate positive character traits that illustrate respect to the teacher and your peers. Raise hand to speak, raise crossed fingers to request bathroom privileges, and listen actively to peers and teacher during lectures and discussions.
    • Dismissal comes from the teacher. I will dismiss you from my class once the room is in order and students are seated.

    CONSEQUENCES: Consequences are the result of not choosing to conduct yourself in a manner that is aligned to the classroom expectations and procedures. If you are unable to make the appropriate decisions in order to meet the classroom expectations it may result in the following consequences.

    • Verbal warning
    • Verbal warning w/ deduction of Class Dojo points & Parent contact
    • Lunch Detention & Parent contact
    • Discipline referral to Student Services

    ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE: I will always make myself available for any parent or student seeking additional assistance. Please reference the contact information on the first page of the syllabus if you ever need to call or email me