• Mrs. Weaver’s Journal Entries for 2019/2020


    Journal Entry #1


    H.W. Due 09/23/19

    1. auto- = self
    2. bio- = life
    3. graph – write or draw



    Journal Entry #2


    H.W. due 08/30/19

    1. neo- = new
    2. lith- = stone or rock
    3. agri- = field or related to farming



    Journal Entry #3-Greek


    H.W. Due Friday, 9/13/19

    1. meso- = between or middle
    2. potamia- = rivers
    3. hippo- = horse


    Journal Entry #4

    Homework due Friday, 09/20/19

    1. poly- = more than one/many (Greek)
    2. theos- = God or a god (Greek)
    3. form- = shape (Latin)


    Journal Entry #5

    Informational or Explanatory Writing: The purpose of an informative or explanatory essay is not to give your views or opinion, but to teach, inform, explain, define or clarify a topic to the readers in a thorough, well-organized manner.

    Main Idea in Informational writing is the most important idea about a topic that a writer or speaker conveys.   This is often written in a topic sentence or “thesis statement”.   The main idea is most often written in the opening paragraph.

    Supporting Details:  A text may include reasons, facts, statistics, examples, or explanations, which help up to understand the main idea (central idea).   Supporting details are the basis for body paragraphs.


    Journal Entry #6    

    H.W. due Friday, 9/27/19

    1. dyna- = power
    2. port- = carry
    3. trans- = across



    Informational Writing:

    Opening  Paragraph

    • Lead-In
    • Thesis Statement: Main Idea
    • Lead-Out

    Prompt: Write an informative essay explaining the criteria that people use to create their perfect pizza.

    Example:     *Imagine that you are creating the perfect pizza. What kind of pizza would you choose?  *People have many different criteria when creating their perfect pizza. *These may include different types of crust, sauce, and toppings. 


    Journal Entry #8-09/26/19 or 09/27/19

    Body Paragraphs

    • Source: Title of Text(s)
    • Evidence:
    • Elaboration: Explanation/Example


    • Source: Title of Text(s)
    • Evidence: There are many types of pizza crust.
    • Elaboration: List of crust types found in text(s).



    Journal Entry #9

    H.W. due 10/4/19

    1. mon- or mono- = one
    2. di- (Greek) or bi- (Latin) = two
    3. arch- = rule (Greek)


    Journal Entry #10

    Plot Diagram

    Plot Vocabulary