• Week of September 23-27, 2019

    Informative Writing Workshop

    Journal Entry # 6

    H.W. due 9/27/19

    1. dyna- = power

    2. port- = carry

    3. trans- = across



    Informational Writing:

    Opening  Paragraph

    • Lead-In

    • Thesis Statement: Main Idea

    • Lead-Out


        Write an informative essay explaining the criteria that people use to create their perfect pizza.


         *Imagine that you are creating the perfect pizza. What kind of pizza would you choose?  *People have many different criteria when creating their perfect pizza. *These may include different types of crust, sauce, and toppings. 


    Monday and Tuesday, 09/23-24

    • Informative Writing

    • Opening Paragraphs

    • Students copied outline for an opening paragraph.

    • Class discussion

    • Example Prompt

    • Class planned and wrote opening paragraph together

    • Students then worked in pairs to write an opening paragraph from another prompt. 


    Wednesday, 09/25/19 - Early Dismissal

    • Period 1 - Friendship Lesson

    • Periods 2-6 - 1/2 hour of reading for practice and pleasure. 

    Thursday, 09/26/29

    • Informative Writing

    • Create Planning Sheet- add to journal entry

    • Discuss planning for body paragraphs (supporting evidence)

    • Plan body paragraphs independently.

    Friday, 09/27/19

    • Buddy-Check and turn in homework.

    • Informative Writing

    • Complete body paragraphs.

    • Discuss closing paragraphs

    • Plan closing paragraphs independently.



    Next week, we will be writing our informative essay for two grades.   The first grade will be for content.  The second will be for conventions.