• Lord of the Flies Project

    Create a tool that the boys could have used while on the island. This should not be a tool that is currently invented, but may be a combination of several current inventions. You will create the tool by developing a 3-D model. The model does not have to be a working prototype or built to scale. However, it should be of a size that is easily seen and understood.

    In addition to the tool itself, the project must have the following:

    • A business name
      • This will brand your company and appear on product
      • This will also appear in your presentation
    • A name for the tool
      • Is it catchy?
      • Does it make sense?
    • A tagline for the tool
      • Is it catchy?
      • Does it make sense?
      • Does it help describe the product?
    • A package for the tool
      • Think about design
      • Think about colors
      • Think about function
      • Think about the words on the package
    • An explanation of how it would be beneficial to the boys
      • This should be typed
      • This should have detailed examples
    • A presentation
      • This should not be read off the screen
        • Do not give me something you could just email me
      • Everyone should participate
      • Keep it brief
        • What’s the necessary info that people should know?
      • Sell your product



    I want a rough outline/idea of your project by Oct. 25th. This should just be the basics of what you’re thinking and who is doing what. It doesn’t have to be detailed, but should outline what you have done and need to finish. You may meet with me during CAT, before/after school, or email me this assignment. I do not expect perfection at this point, but I do expect that you have completed some of the work and know what you need to do in order to complete the assignment by the deadline.


    Final Due:

    A Day: October 2nd                           B Day: October 3rd

    There will be no extensions on this, so if you are working in a group, make a plan for all components to be in class on that day or the business of Treulieb, Inc. will not be investing in your product.