• Single and Double Digit Multiplication Basics

    Posted by Harry Williams on 10/18/2019 2:30:00 PM
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  • Lava Lamps...

    Posted by Harry Williams on 10/2/2019 3:15:00 PM

    In our study of Matter and Mixtures, an interesting version of a mixture is the old school Lava Lamp (the first one I ever saw was bought by my sister in 1968).  I'll be sending home a paper from which the students can make a "home version" of a lava lamp for extra credit, but some students had never seen one!


    Consider that problem solved:

    Lava Lamp

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  • And Here's the Group That Didn't Travel with Me on Silver River!

    Posted by Harry Williams on 10/2/2019 2:45:00 PM

    Again, thanks to Madalyn's ever-thoughtful Mom, here's the group of kids that traveled around with her yesterday on Silver River and the trails!

    Ms. Poore's Group


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  • Best 'Gator Pic!

    Posted by Harry Williams on 10/2/2019 2:45:00 PM

    Many thank to Madalyn's mom, Ms. Poore, for snapping the best 'gator pick from yesterday's trip.  Awesome!


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  • In the Museum and the Gift Shop

    Posted by Harry Williams on 10/1/2019 4:15:00 PM

    Brayden and Friend Elvis is in the building! Aubrey spots the spider! Mya never stood a chance... Gator chomps Bobcat danger! Their opinion?  That exhibit stinks! Keep the cats indoors... Too bad...  I liked Priscila! Why people thought there were "cyclops." (That's actually it's nose opening!) Jaws of the mysterious "shovel-jawed" mammalian creatures... I think this skeleton is so cool! ...in the Gift Shop! Shopping time...

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  • A Ridiculous Number of Silver River Trip Pics (That Uploaded Backwards and a Little Out of Order!)

    Posted by Harry Williams on 10/1/2019 3:45:00 PM

    Memories of our trip: Sand Spurs Jude's Notes! Lunch!  And thank you, Ms. Poore, for chaperoning... The Captain! The crew!Turtles View from the boat Silver River Ibis Anhinga Birds More Turtles There's a gator in there! One more boat shot! Misty River On the trail Amazing moss Cypress "knees" Even more cypress knees Tortoise shell Notes! Sand prints Gopher tortoise burrow In need of lunch and hydration... ...still in need of food and H2O Well, not everyone is "out of gas"... In the trailer behind the truckSilver River MorningThe Bobcat GroupThe Gator GroupHeron or Egret?  The Classroom LabThe Bear GroupSchool Bus Joy!Setting off on our trip...

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  • Earthquakes Are Not Our Faults!

    Posted by Harry Williams on 9/20/2019 2:50:00 PM

    This week, while working in our Top Score writing program, we read a couple of articles about earthquakes.  The studenst were interested so while they worked at there seats afterward, I googled some images from the web.  Here they are:

    san andreas fault california fault map seismograph reading a quake haiti january 2016 individuals-wreckage-street-city-areas-earthquake-aftershocks-January-2010 haiti aerial photograph 2010

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