• Writing

    Week of September 16-20, 2019

    Informational Writing

    Journal Entry #4

    H.W. due Friday, 09/20/19

    1. poly- = many or more than one  (Greek)

    2. theos- = God or god   (Greek)

    3. form- = shape   (Latin)


    How to do Mrs. Weaver’s Homework:  Stapled inside of the front cover.

    • I will give you at least three Latin or Greek terms and their meanings.  These are in the form of journal entries. 
    • Your homework is to look in a dictionary and find one English word which contains that Latin or Greek term and has a definition related to the meaning of the Latin or Greek term.
    • Write the Greek or Latin term and its meaning.
    • Skip a line.
    • Write the English word and one complete dictionary definition related to that Latin or Greek definition
    • Underline the Greek or Latin term inside of the English word and the word that is related to the meaning of the term.


    1. port- = carry

        portable = capable of being carried

    1. trans- = across

        transport = to carry something across a distance

    1. auto- = self

           automobile = self-propelled



    How to Make Up Mrs. Weaver's Homework

    Must be turned in within one week of the original due date.

    How to make up homework

    • Do the homework that you missed.
    • Write “ Make-up” on the back of the homework.
    • Copy the following exactly!  
    • noun – a word for a person, place, or thing
    • pronoun – a word that replaces a noun.
    • (I, you, he, she, it, we, they, me)
    • proper noun – a noun that requires capitalization
    • (names of specific people, cities, countries, states, businesses, months, holidays)
    • adjective – word that describes a noun
    • (fat cat, slow dog, yellow sun, blue sky)
    • verb – word that shows action or a state of being
    • (run, jump, is, are)
    • adverb – word that tells how a verb happens
    • (ran quickly, ate slowly, sang badly)
    • conjunction – word that joins words, phrases
    • (and, but, or)
    • preposition – word that shows position or a relationship
    • (over, under, between)
    • between – divide between two things or people
    • among – divide among more than two things or people
    • is or was – used about one person or thing
    • are or were – used about more than one person or thing


    Monday, 09/16/19: Vocabulary for Informational Writing

    Tuesday, 09/16/19 and Friday, 09/20/19 Informational Writing

    • H.R.W. Interactive Lesson: Writing Informational Text

    • Introduction

    • Developing a Topic

    • Organizing Ideas

    • Introductions and Conclusions

    • Elaboration

    • Precise Language and Vocabulary

    • Formal Style

    • Student Model

    Wednesday, 09/18/19 (Periods 1,3,5) and Thursday, 09/19/19 (Periods 2,4,6)

    • Library

    • I-Ready Lessons (These are geared to the students' individual needs.)