• Unit 2: Mesopotamia Topics, Essential Questions, and Standards


    Unit 2, Topic 1: The Creation of Civilizations 

    W.2.3 Identify of the characteristics of a civilization 

    EQ #1: What factors led to the development of civilization? 

    EQ #2: What are the essential components of a civilization? 


    Unit 2, Topic 2: SPICE Themes of Mesopotamia 

    W.2.4 Compare the economic, political, social, and religious institutions of ancient river valley civilizations. 

    EQ #1: What are the SPICE Themes of World History? 

    EQ #2: What are the SPICE characteristics of Mesopotamia? 


    Unit 2, Topic 3: Lasting Impacts of Mesopotamia 

    W.2.7 Summarize the important achievements of Mesopotamian civilizations. 

    W.2.8 Determine the impacts of key figures from ancient Mesopotamia. 

    EQ #1: What are some of the important achievements of Mesopotamia? 

    EQ #2: What are some impacts of key figures from ancient Mesopotamia? 

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