• STEAM Activities 2019-20

    8/28-30 - 8th grade - Bell work: STEM in US History (Notebook p.167)

                 - 8th grade - Using math to solve a problem:
                   How were Columbus and other explorers able to calculate the distance
                   they were traveling on the ocean?
                   a) Materials: 30 sec-5 min. "hour glass" timers; compass; boat; calculator;
                                       toothpick; rope; graph paper
                   b) Given: Circumference of the globe (Columbus was way off in his calculations)
                   c) Math skills: Ratios and proportions
                   d) History STEAM lesson: "Dead reckoning" 
                       STEAM 8_28 Steam 2
                       Students come up with theories and explain them to the class. 

    9/16 - Using Math to understand history: Math, Jamestown, Tobacco and Indentured Servants

    10/21 -  STEM in US history: American Revolution

    11/11 - Using Math to understand history: Representation in the New Congress & 3/5 Compromise: Do the Math! 

    11/14 - Engineering in US History - Create a flowchart (symbols)to represent a process:
                - a) Constitutional amendment
                - b) Solve the problems of the New Nation

    12/16-20 - Engineering in US History - Erie Canal packet (PPT)
                     or online Worksheet (2020-21)

    02/14 - Western Trails Facts and Figures (Math)

    05/26-29 - Technology of the Civil War Nearpod
                     (Medicine, Military, Communication, Transportation, etc...)