Frequently Asked Questions (updated 5-4-20)

  • Q: When is the last day for Seniors? And for everyone else?
    May 26th is the last day for Seniors. June 1st is the last day for all other students.


    Q: Can I make up missing/low scoring assignments?
    From Monday, May 11th to Friday, May 22nd, ALL quarter four assignments will be reopened. For those two weeks, you can redo and make up any assignments you want!

    Q: Are you still going to Auto Drop the lowest grade like you did for other quarters?


    Q: I'm a Senior. Do you know what's going on with graduation?
    Mr. Carlisle has sent out Skyalert phone call messages for Seniors. Seniors will be able to do a drive-up at the school to pick up their cap and gowns and other Senior items they may have ordered. Mr. Carlisle is working on graduation details and he will continue to remain in contact with you via phone calls and emails.

    Q: I'm having trouble with [assignment] and need help on it. What can I do?

    A: Check the PowerPoint that matches it. Did you go through the whole thing? Did you look at the slides at the very end? I try to include lots of helpful stuff in those PPTs so if you went through the whole thing and you still need help, please send me a message to let me know what you're stuck on!


    Q: I can't see the PowerPoints. What do I do?
    A: The PowerPoints are uploaded here on my teacher website. On a desktop computer, to the left hand side is a list of pages; one of them says PowerPoints. Click on that page. The PPTs are sorted by Quarter and are listed in order of assignment. The names of the PPTs directly match the names of the assignments to alleviate confusion. If you download the PPT and you still can't view them: make sure you have PPT installed on your computer. As a student, you get access to the Microsoft Office suite (Office 365) for free! From your student portal, click on the orange-and-white tile that says Office 365 on it. You'll then be presented with a page that has several more tiles at the top, each one being a different program. Above those tiles, to the right, is a button that says you can install the programs! Allow your computer time to download and install the programs. Once finished, you'll be able to utilize PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and other great programs. (All for free!) If you have problems downloading or installing, or just need help finding where this is, let me know and I can walk you through it!


    Q: I ordered a yearbook. Am I still going to get it?
    A, Updated: Yes. Mr. Carlisle has sent out Skyalert phone call messages about this, but please also check your student email. Yearbooks are still supposed to be printed and delivered to the school. Once they arrive, Mrs. Stephens and other staff members are supposed to contact students who ordered a yearbook and have them do a drive-up at the school to pick up their yearbook order. Please wait on further contact as to when you can pick your yearbook up!