STEAM Magnet Program

  • North Marion Middle School is one of three middle school STEAM magnet schools in Marion County.  Our program began in February of 2017 and continues to grow each year.  ALL students are considered to be enrolled in the STEAM Magnet Program as it is an inclusive program.  Every student is exposed to the five areas of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) in each of their classes.


    STEAM education develops the essential 21st Century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking along with technological literacy.  It provides engaging, hands-on experiences where students collaborate, design, create and solve real-world problems.


    Our STEAM focus is work-force driven, with the prediction that jobs in STEAM fields are increasing at double the rate of non-STEAM fields. The addition of the arts exemplifies the role arts play in creative problem solving and innovative thinking which is critical for all careers. We endeavor to prepare our students for the workforce of the future.