• The year 3 science course incorporates content from the disciplines of both chemistry and physics.  Students study thematic units about the properties of matter, the Periodic Table of Elements, atomic theory, energy, forces, motion, simple machines, and waves.

    Within each unit of study, students will develop an understanding of scientific facts and concepts, methods and techniques of science, terminology, and applications of science to the real world. The focus throughout the year is to provide relevance and to enable the students to become more scientifically literate by exploring how various issues within the science content relates to the student individually, and in a local, national, and global context. Students will be given opportunities to develop inquiry skills and apply critical thinking skills as they practice the scientific method and solve problems in science. The students will also be given opportunities to explore the ethics of science as it relates to topics in the year 3 curriculum. Throughout the year students will practice various modes of communicating scientific concepts they are learning as a class and that they are discovering through independent research.