MCPS EMAIL:  sandra.soto@marion.k12.fl.us 

    MSA School Phone: 352-671-7250

    Cell Number: 443-718-9058


    I am accessible Monday - Friday 8am-3pm

    Special Hours: 

    Monday-Friday 9-10am and 1-2pm

    Mondays 10:00am- Group Lesson Review (required)

    These are hours of availability for student questions and feedback/clarification. Upon receiving an email, I will immediately respond during those hours. A Zoom meeting can also be scheduled.

    If you need to reach me to schedule a conference, please contact me so that we can work together to find a convenient time to address your concerns.



    Communication is key! Remember we are a team!

    HOW ARE WE GOING TO "DO" SCHOOL...We will use the following online platforms to learn, accomplish tasks, and assess:

    On Student Desktop/Portal

    • Teacher Webpage ( Parent/Student communication and assignment postings)
    • Google Classroom (Student assignments)
    • Zoom (Conferences and Meetings)
    • FL Studies Weekly Social Studies
    • iReady Reading and Math
    • Think Central
    • Stemscopes


    WHAT IS EXPECTED? I expect you to complete...

    • Each WEEK 45 minutes on iReady Math AND 45 minutes on iReady Reading
    • April 1-3, 2020- 1 Reading/Writing Task, 1 Math Task, 1 Science or Social Studies Task
    • Each WEEK 3 Reading/Writing Tasks, 3 Math Tasks, 1 Science Task and 1 Social Studies Task
    • A Task is defined as any learning experience/activity that has been assigned by your teacher for you to complete/perform. Tasks will be assigned through my website every Monday and all Tasks are due by Sundayat 3pm. Go to Assignments to find Tasks. I will also email assignments to parents in a weekly Monday email. 
    • Each WEEK attend one Class Zoom meeting (As of now, we will schedule for Monday's at 10:00am. This is subject to change.)
    • Each DAY read 20 minutes (You have access to take AR tests from home! (Go to https://hosted257.renlearn.com/72115/to take AR tests.)


    I will be using Google Classroom to post assignments as well as on my Teacher Webpage. Each student/parent was provided with access to Google Classroom with the special access code to get into “class”.  I will resend that today so that everyone has that information again.   ZOOM will be the platform used for Class meetings and parent conferences (in addition to phone calls during the established hours as noted above). 


    The easiest way to submit or return assignments is to scan and upload to Google Classroom. If this process is not feasible then students and/or parents can take a picture of the completed assignment(s) and send to me via an attachment through email.  You don't need to wait until all assignments are completed; send as soon as they are done is fine. If you do not have a printer and you absolutely must have or require printed materials, please let me know so that I can have them ready for you to pick up from the school. Please do NOT return completed student work to the school as we are not accepting paper copies.  All student work must be submitted digitally.


    Students are expected to work daily, Monday-Friday.  Remember, this is not a normal 6 hour school day.  Spread out your tasks throughout the week.  Don’t try to finish all task at once and don’t put everything off until the end of the week.  Make yourself a schedule using your planner.

     Special Areas: You will be assigned one special area task each week.  The special areas will rotate each week for the duration of distance learning. 

    5th Grade Special Area Schedule

    Week 1 - Technology

    Week 2 - Production

    Week 3 - Music

    Week 4 - Art

    Week 5 – Drama

    Week 6 – PE/Dance

    Week 7 - Technology


    Until further notice you will receive one grade per subject each week. Grades will come from Tasks in Reading/Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. You will have from Monday to Sunday at 3pm to complete your Tasks. Grades will be represented in Skyward.

     I will continue to modify this information as we go through this process. The goal is to set up a system that is simple, seemless and supports ongoing learning for the students.  Thank you for your support as we all move into this world of online learning.


    Best regards,

    Mrs. Soto