• Assignments Due Hello and welcome to our class. My name is Mrs. McCullough and this is your online math class. I teach general math to 6th and 7th and pre-algebra to 8th grader. I enjoy teaching my student in a differentiated manner. 

     You can email me at: victoria.bizzle-mccullough@marion.k12.fl.us Email





    IT’S OKAY.

    1.Don’t stress

    2.Take a deep breath and close your eyes

    3. Do one thing at a time

    4. Do one class at a time

    5. Log on to your classes at least two to three times a week and do only ONE thing  (doesn’t have to be the same day for all of them)

    6. Move on to your next class and repeat


    All of your teachers are learning

    All of your teachers are here to help

    Reach out to them if you have a question

    We will try to get back to you ASAP

    Be calm

    We can do this.


    The Big Three