• Make sure your presentation includes the following:

    • School name
    • Mission statement
    • Specific qualities from 3 schools
    • Reasons why each quality is important to learning
    • Comparisons with other options to strengthen points
    • Identifies benefits of learning at this school
    • Recognizes limits to learning at this school
    • Addresses opposing views
    • Creative and engaging
    • Considers audience members
    • Is well-organized and makes points that are easy to follow


    Other things to consider:

    • Work with a group to develop the perfect school.
    • Give your school a name.
    • Select features from no more than 3 schools on the list. You can incorporate your own unique ideas as well.
    • Craft a mission statement for your new school. (Who goes there, what is the school’s purpose, how does the school accomplish the purpose, why?)
    • Think about why someone would want to attend your school, but also think about why someone would not want to attend your school. What concerns can you anticipate, and how would you handle them?
    • Create a presentation to showcase your perfect school and sell it to potential investors.


    Presentations will be 8/28