Iready is available to all our students.  This program is awesome.  Please have your child complete 20 minutes in Reading and Math each day.  


     Students are encouraged to read books on MYON (the computer will read the book to the child) in addition to a parent reading to him/her each night.   My suggestion is 15 minutes on computer in addition to a parent reading a story each night. 

    MYON -  access this on the student portal.  

    ixl - you may have your child access this by typing ixl.com and bookmarking it for your child.  He/she will need to put their lunch number for both their passcode and username.  Please do not help your child with the program or allow an older child to do your kinder's work on ixl.  There is no grade for this and it does not benefit the younger student.  The student will not be able to do the work at school when this happens. 

    Smartyants - you would put www.smartyants.com, click on the login site.  Bookmark the site.  Put my name as the username:  jeanettedraizin and your child uses his/her lunch number as the password.  Please, again do not help your child complete the activities at home.  The program was leveled for your student and does not level down with each user.  It was customized at the beginning of the year for your child.