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    Google Classroom Website: MCPS Desktop Sign in to the MCPS Desktop with your MCPS login & password. Click the Google Classroom tile. If unavailble, choose Google Apps at the bottom of the Desktop Home Page. 

    1st:  raydo7i    2nd: g4j4k6n

    3rd: 42sz6kd   4th:  eblscts

    5th: 3ji2vg5    6th: hwet7yy



    Turnitin Website: https://www.turnitin.com

    Join using your MCPS email address (firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net) and your MCPS password

    1st Period                     2nd Period

    ID# 26287645              ID# 26309731

    Key: period1                 Key: period2


    3rd Period                    4th Period

    ID# 26287661             ID# 26309748

    Key: period3                Key: period4


    5th Period                    6th Period

    ID# 26287679             ID# 26309755

    Key: period5                Key: period6



    Quizizz https.quizizz.com 

    Join through link on Google Classroom Stream page. Direct link to quizzes will be posted on Google Classroom under Classwork tab.


    No Red Ink Website: https://www.noredink.com

    No Red Ink Class Codes: