• Frequently Used Webites

    Google Classroom Website: MCPS Desktop Sign in to the MCPS Desktop with your MCPS login & password. Click the Google Classroom tile. If unavailble, choose Google Apps at the bottom of the Desktop Home Page. 

    1st: hpziok9   2nd: u7go2j0

    3rd: i1qu7x    4th:  zrqpcx

    5th: j5lbcli     6th:  g5xi08


    Common Lit Website: https://www.commonlit.org

    Choose (Log in with Google) and use your MCPS login & password if you need to create an account

    Common Lit Class Codes:

    1st: NZ3YLR   2nd: 7VQ4LW

    3rd: 7V75PR   4th: JEVDLK

    5th: JEJPB8    6th: LQKD86


    No Red Ink Website: https://www.noredink.com

    No Red Ink Class Codes:

    1st: clean stamp 56   2nd: careful tent 29

    3rd: healthy duck 58  4th: best jaguar 76

    5th: fierce basket 78  6th: waiting toad 29