• 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts - Howard Middle School - Mr. Mukasa





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    I have sent out invitations to every students email to join my google classroom.



    For the 4th quarter, you will pick up where you left off in the assignment checklist. You must complete at least 8 assignments. All of these assignments are available to download through the google classroom site. In the google classroom site, go to your period’s class page and read the message I’ve left that outlines the 8 specific assignments you must have completed before the quarter is over. You must get a passing score on these assignments to positively effect your grade. You can redo the assignments as many times as needed. I will be available Monday – Friday from 10AM – 2PM to give you direct feedback on any assignments you’ve done or answer any questions you may have for me. I will also provide you with links to videos and other online resources that can help you as well.


    Your grade this quarter will solely be based off of the scores of your 8 assignments. You can redo them as many times as needed. I believe now that everything is digital, it should be a lot easier for you to redo assignments. I will always provide detailed feedback on what needs to be redone. I will ONLY communicate through google classroom and always be accessible for questions from 10 – 2PM Monday through Friday. So getting these 8 assignments done should not be any problem.


    Although this is a new medium from which we will be having our class, I think continuing with the assignment checklists is the best way to go to finish the year since everyone is familiar with the process and expectations. Lets end this year with a bang!


    Grade % Breakdown: 

    50% - Assignments

    30% - Essays

    10% - USA Test Prep (Comp. Fluency)

    10% - Common Lit (Learning Checks)



    Assignment Checklist S1:

    1. Planning Sheet 1

    2. Informative Essay 1

    3. Classwork Assignment 2

    4. Classwork Assignment 3

    5. Planning Sheet 2

    6. Informative Essay 2


    Assignment Checklist Q3:

    7. Greek Roots Assignment

    8. Grammar Assignment 1 Parts 1-3

    9. Grammar Assignment 2

    10. Argumentative Assignment 1 Parts 1-3

    11. Planning Sheet 3

    12. Argumentative Essay 1

    13. Classwork Assignment 4

    14. Classwork Assignment 5

    15. Planning Sheet 4

    16. Argumentative Essay 2

    17. USA Test Prep

    18. ‘Reading Fiction’ Assignments


    Assignment Checklist TKAMB (Only for students who already started the book)

    19. USA Test Prep

    20. Guided Notes Test

    21. Literary Devices Test

    22. POV Assignment 1

    23. Bias Assignment 1

    24. Bias Assignment 2

    25. Cave Vs. Stockholm Assignment

    26. TKAMB Reading Assignments

    27. Tribal Assignment 1

    28. TKAMB Reading Assignments