• Tuesday 4/28

    good morning all. Progress reports cards are coming out soon. The deadline for teachers to input grades is this Thursday 4/30.

    If you have not submitted work to me I have to put a zero for you. But all zero's can be erased by simply submitting the work. 

    I will not penalize anyone for late work with the 5 assignments you have. Just get them done please.

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  • Wednesday 4-22

    Hello. If you did not get an invitation to join here is the code:


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  • Tuesday 4/21

    Hello everyone,

    I was hopeful that yesterday's 4 steps would work, but they did not. Today I am going to build a new 3rd Google Classroom. I will send you a new code and further instructions. 

    Hang in there, we're going to get this right.

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  • Monday 4/20

    Hello all,

    I'm not sure why the google classroom isn't working right. I think it might be how it is set up.

    With that said, I am going to follow a tutorial on how to set it up and will be creating yet another new class for you.

    You all will be getting a new code soon.Hopefully tomorrow.

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  • Good morning everyone,

    Here are the new instructions for getting your assignments.

    1) go to your student portal-this is a must

    2) click on the "Google Classroom" icon

    3) join your class with this code: 3bi62jk

    4) click on the orange colored "plus" icon


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  • Wednesday 4/15

    Hello everyone,

    I have been advised to make our grades under one category. So, I chose to go with the best-in-the-long-run. For the duration of this distant learning period I will be using the classwork (40%) category.

    Good luck and I hope all of you are staying safe.

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  • Hello everyone,

    It looks like we finally got everything working. I would like to thank of all you for being patient.

    Remember Khanacademy.com or any other tutorial site if you need extra help.

    Good luck to you all

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  • Hello everyone.

    I think the problem might be solved. Please go to google classroom and join the class with this code:


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  • thursday 4-9

    Hey guys...there are still problems. try again tomorrow

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  • Thursday  4-9

    I have made a new google classroom. You will need to join.

    Your class code is:


    I'm not sure if you need to sync google and Pearson together. If you see that you do...go ahead and do so

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  • Attention! Assignment Correction

    The google classroom assignment is:

    11-1 Math XL for School Additional Practice

    Sorry for the confusion

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  • How to find the assignment in Google Classroom.

    1) Click on your class period

    2) At the top of the page click on Classwork

    3) Click on the assignment that takes you to the e-textbook lesson.

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  • Please join your Google classroom by using this code:


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