"We don't read minds. We study behavior!"


    Although we are in the classroom, I will be posting assignments and class agendas on Microsoft Teams. I strongly advise you to download Teams on your phones so that you will be able to access the agenda and assignments at any moment.

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    Course Outline:

         Unit 1: Psychology's Roots

         Unit 2: The Biology of Mind and Consciousness

         Unit 3: Developing Through the Lifespan

         Unit 4: Sensation and Perception

         Unit 5: Learning

         Unit 6: Memory

         Unit 7: Thinking, Language, and Intelligence

         Unit 8: Motivation & Emotion

         Unit 9: Stress, Health, and Human Flourishing

         Unit 10: Personality

         Unit 11:   Psychological Disorders

         Unit 12:   Therapy

         Unit 13:   Social Work