• The AVID Binder is an essential part of being an AVID student. 

    Each student is required to carry a 3-inch binder that contains work for all of their six classes. This binder also has a specific section dedicated to AVID. 

    Students are graded on their binder organization, neatness, and completeness. 


    AVID Binder Requirements:

    1. Pencil Pouch- must contain pencils, colored pens, and highlighters. Optional items: glue, scissors, colored pencils, etc. 

    2. Planner/Agenda- our school sells these in the front office for $2. 

    3. Yellow/Orange Folder- this goes into the binder, so NO prongs! In the left pocket students keep their "Scholar Starters" and in the right pocket are any papers that "Must be Returned."

    4. Four Dividers- Behind the folder comes four dividers. 

          *Notes: This should begin with a handwritten table of contents page followed by handwritten notes in chronological order. 

          *Tutorials: All TRF's, notes taken during tutorials, etc. will be housed in this tab. 

          *Data: Students will have a weekly data tracking sheet to keep track of current grades, GPA, service hours, attendance, etc. 

          *Community Service: This is where students will house their Community Service Log (10 hours must be completed by May 1st).