• Applied Engineering Technology Level II

    Text book: Technology & Engineering

    E-textbook: https://www.g-wlearning.com/technologyeducation/9781605254128/student/index.htm

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    Syllabus  Engineering Technology WP Syllabus 20-21.pdf


    Semester 1

    4P, Rules and Procedures/ Safety Rules and Regulations

    Introduction to Engineering Design Process

    Chp. 1: Technology- A Dynamic, Human-Created System

    Technology as a Dynamic Process

    Career Corner: Industrial Engineering Technicians

    Technology and Types of Knowledge

    The Evolution of Technology

    Academic Connection: The Presidential Election of 1960

    Technology Explained: Smart Houses

    Chp. 2: Technological-System Components

    Technology as a System

    Goals/ Inputs/ Processes/ Outputs

    Career Corner: Purchasing Agents

    Chp. 2: Technology Explained: Solar Collectors

    Think Green: Sustainability

    Feedback and Control

    Chp. 3: Types of Technological Systems

    Level of Development/ Economic Structure

    Career Corner: Controllers

    Type of Technology Developed and Used

    Stem Connection: Genetic Engineering

    Chp. 4: Inputs of Technological Systems

    People/ Tools & Machines

    Career Corner: Construction Laborers 

    Stem Connection: Mathematics/ The Law of Equilibrium

    Chp. 4: Materials

    Information and Energy

    Finances and Time

    Think Green: Organic Cotton

    Chp.5: Technolological Processes

    Production Processers/ Career Corner: Production Managers

    Technology Explained: Hybrid Vehicles

    Problem- Solving and Design Processes

    Management Processes

    Academic Connections: History (The Tennessee Valley Authority)

    Chp. 6: Outputs and Feedback and Controls

    Career Corner: Dental Hygienists

    STEM Connections: Science Chlorofluorocarbon CFCs

    Technology Explained: Integrated Circuits (ICs)

    Chp. 7: Production Tools and Their Save Use

    Material- Processing Tools and Machines

    Career Corner: Machinists

    Technology Explained: Computer Numerical Control CNC

    Chp. 7: Energy- Processing Convertors

    Information- Processing Machines

    Using Technology Safely

    Academic Connections: Computer Bugs

    Chp. 8: Measurement Systems and Tools

    Measurement Systems : Past and Present

    Career Corner: Surveyors

    Measurement Tools

    Measurement and Control

    STEM Connections: Mathematics (Measuring Area)

    Chp. 9: The- Problem Solving and Design Process

    The Problem Solving Process vs the Design Process

    Design Process in Technology

    Career Corner: Engineers

    Steps in Solving Technological Problems

    Identifying a Technological Problem

    Academic Connection: History (The Origin of Radar)

    End of Semester Project





    Chp. 10: Developing Design Solutions

    System Design

    Career Corners: Drafters

    Chp. 10: product Design/ The Design Team

    Steps for Developing Design Solutions

    STEM Connections: Mathematics (Solid geometry)

    Think Green: Carbon Footprint

    Monday- Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

    Chp. 11: Evaluating Design Solutions

    Modeling Design Solutions

    Career Corner: Market Researchers

    Technology Explained: GPS

    Chp. 11: Analyzing the Design

    Redesigning Products and Structures

    Modular Activity: Computer- Aided Design CAD

    Engineering with Animation 3D

    Chp. 12: Communicating Design Solutions

    Product Documents and Reports

    Career Corner: Engineering Technicians

    Academic Connections: Communication

    Chp. 12: Principles of Design

    Technology Explained: CAD Systems

    Approval Documents and Reports

    Activity: Architecture with Animation

    Chp. 13: Using Technology to Produce Artifacts

    Production Activities

    Career Corner: Plumbers

    STEM Connections: Science

    The Principles of Expansion and Contraction

    Chp. 14: The Types of Materials and How They Are Obtained

    Career Corner: Forest and Conservation Workers

    STEM Connections: Science (Synthetic Fuels)

    Chp. 15: Processing resources

    Mechanical Processes

    Career Corner: Millwrights

    Thermal Processes

    STEM Connections: Mathematics (Calculating Board Footage)

    Technology Explained: Nuclear Energy

    Chemical and Electrochemical Processes

    Think Green: Volatile Organic Compounds

    Spring Break

    Chp.16: Manufacturing Products

    Career Corner: Automobile Assembly Workers

    Technology Explained: Robots

    Chp. 16: Automating and Controlling Processes

    Types of manufacturing Processes

    Think Green: Reduction

    Chp. 17: Constructing Structures

    Constructing Buildings

    Career Corner: Carpenters

    Academic Connections: Communication (Word Origin)

    Chp. 17: Heavy Engineering Structures

    Think Green: Green Architecture

    Modular Activity: Structural Engineering

    Chp. 18: Using and Servicing Products and Structures

    Installing Technological Products

    Maintaining Technological Products

    Career Corner: Building Inspectors

    Chp. 18:Repairing Technological Products

    STEM Connections: Science (Material Science)

     Disposing of Technological Products

    Think Green: Green Packaging

    End of COurse Project

    EOC Project - presentations





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