Text book: Technology & Engineering

    Ebook: https://www.g-wlearning.com/technologyeducation/9781605254128/student/index.htm

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    Google Classroom Codes:

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    P5- iq7neeu


    Quarter 1

    Week 08/12/2019


    4P, Rules and Procedures

    Safety Rules and Regulations

    Introduction to Engineering Design Process


    Week 08/19/2019

    Chp. 1: Technology- A Dynamic, Human-Created System

    Technology Defined

    Technology as a Dynamic Process

    Career Corner: Industrial Engineering Technicians


    Week 08/26/2019

    Chp. 1: Technology and Types of Knowledge

    The Evolution of Technology

    Academic Connection: The Presidential Election of 1960

    Technology Explained: Smart Houses


    Week 09/02/2019

    Labor Day 

    Chp. 2: Technological-System Components

    Technology as a System

    Goals/ Inputs/ Processes/ Outputs

    Career Corner: Purchasing Agents


    Week 09/09/2019

    Chp. 2: Technology Explained: Solar Collectors

    Think Green: Sustainability

    Feedback and Control


    Week 09/16/2019

    Chp. 3: Types of Technological Systems

    Level of Development

    Economic Structure

    Career Corner: Controllers


    Week 09/23/2019

    Chp. 3: Number of People Involved 

    Type of Technology Developed and Used

    Stem Connection: Science

    Genetic Engineering


    Week 09/30/2019

    Chp. 4: Inputs of Technological Systems

    People/ Tools & Machines

    Career Corner: Construction Laborers 

    Stem Connection: Mathematics/ The Law of Equilibrium


    Week 10/07/2019

    Chp. 4: Materials

    Information/ Energy

    Finances and Time

    Think Green: Organic Cotton


    Quarter 2

    Week 10/14/2019

    Monday- no school (teacher work day)

    Tuesday- no school (In-service day)

    Week 10/21/2019


    Week 10/28/2019


    Week 11/04/2019


    Week 11/11/2019


    Week 11/18/2019


    Week 11/25/2019

    No school- Thanksgiving Break

    Week 12/02/2019


    Week 12/09/2019

    EOS Project



    Quarter 3

    Week 01/06/2020

    Monday- no school

    Week 01/13/2020


    Week 01/20/2020

    Monday- Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

    Week 01/27/2020


    Week 02/03/2020


    Week 02/10/2020


    Week 02/17/2020

    President Day- no school

    Week 02/24/2020


    Week 03/02/2020


    Week 03/09/2020


    Week 03/16/2020

    Spring Break


    Quarter 4

    Week 03/30/2020


    Week 04/06/2020


    Week 04/13/2020


    Week 04/20/2020


    Week 04/27/2020


    Week 05/04/2020


    Week 05/11/2020

     EOC Project

    Week 05/18/2020

    EOC Project 

    Week 05/25/2020

    Memorial Day



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