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Distance Learning COVID 19

  • Continuity of Services in ESE

    Special Education and related services will be provided through Distance Learning Plan agreed by the parents during the first telephone call between ESE Teacher and parent. 


    Instructional Services:

    • Students will work grade level assignments posted by homeroom teacher on the school website.
    • Students may also work with goal-related tasks assigned by ESE Teacher posted on "Assignments" section.
    • ESE Teacher will contact parents/students to provide any necessary virtual support (phone, email, class dojo, zoom)

    Progress Monitoring:

    • All services provided (agreed upon by parents) and communication with parents and students will be documented.

    Communication Method:

    • Parents/students will have options to communicate with ESE Teacher by phone, email, class dojo, or zoom (video conferencing).

Hours of Availability

  • Office hours: Monday-Friday

    Morning hours 10:00-11:00

    Evening hours  1:00-2:00


    Wednesday: IEP meeting

    by phone during office hours:

    (352) 414-9157