• Pig Writing

    Week of August 19-23, 2018

    Baseline Writing Assessment

    "Mammoth Shakes & Monster Waves"

    Homework:  This work is due Friday, 08/23-19 - You will receive a staple-in set of directions in your journal this week. 

    This homework will be done together in class this week in order to clarify expectations. 

    Journal Entry #1

    • auto- = self

    • bio- = life

    • graph- = write or draw

    • (Students will receive a copy of these terms/meanings to staple into their language arts journals.)

    Monday, 08/19-19

    • Today we will complete make-ups for AP1.  All students must complete this assessment. 

    Tuesday, 08/20/19

    • Today we will set up our language arts journals.

    • We will do this week's homework together in class, so that students clearly understand the expectations for homework.    Directions for doing or making up homework will be stapled into the front cover of your student's language arts journal. 

    • We will also move on to choosing groups for an upcoming group project if time permits.  

    • Students not testing will be working on reading the "Myon" program. 

    Wednesday, 08-21-19 (Periods 1,3,5) or Thursday, 08-22-19 (Periods 2,4,6) BLOCK DAYS

    • Today we will be taking our Baseline Writing Assessment for 2019-2020.  This assessment give teachers an idea of what our students already know about text-based writing and about where we need to start working to improve writing.

    • Text-based writing is a significat portion of the final FSA score each spring. 


    Friday, 08-23-19

    • First we will try to complete make-ups for the Baseline Writing Assessment.  It is extremely important for students to be at school whenever possible, as absentees must be tested and lessons cannot progress until this is done. 

    • Time permitted we will break into groups and begin work on our first project.  This will be a group project on main idea and supporting details.  Students will ultimately read, write, speak, and listen to other speakers.  

    • This project is based on the story "Mammoth Shakes & Monster Waves" in our textbooks.  

    • The textbook is available on-line on our students' portals.  We will read it in class, but students are welcome and encouraged to read at home as well.