• Mrs. Merton / U.S. History 2019-2020




    Office Hours: By appointment.


    Course Description

    You are invited to join me on a journey through United States history! We will begin reviewing the Civil War/Reconstruction periods and then weave our way through the changes our developing nation endured until we reach the present day. In this course, you will have the opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills and sharpen your writing skills. You will learn to analyze and evaluate multiple primary and secondary historical sources enabling you to draw your own conclusions about events in our past and present time.



    1. Textbook: You will have access to a textbook in the classroom, students may also choose to have a book at home or access the online option.
    2. Notebook: You will need to organize yourself, use what works for you.
    3. Paper
    4. Writing Utensil


    Grading System                                 Grading Category Weights

    A: 90-100                                           Tests:  50%

    B: 80-89                                             Classwork & Quizzes:  40%

    C: 70-79                                             Homework:  10%

    D: 60-69                                             These will total 70% of your overall total grade.  U.S. 

    F: 0-59                                                History has an End of Course Exam that weighs 30%

                                                               of your overall total grade. 


    Make-Up work is to be completed before or after school, within a week of original due date of assignment and/or exam.



    1. Come to class prepared; Something to write with and something to write on.
    2. Respect yourself and those around you; Let’s Get Along!
    3. If I am teaching, please do not ask to leave the classroom.
    4. Only one person is allowed bathroom pass at a time. Sign in and out whenever leaving classroom.
    5. Cell Phones have a time and place and not in my classroom, thanks!
    6. School tardy policy will be followed.