Communication Technology II & III

  • Communication Technology II - This course allows students to learn more about the nature of design and development techniques for communication purposes. Students are also provided with instruction in a variety of technologies commonly used to communicate concepts and designs. Students are expected to continue collating their portfolio, using exemplars of their work. As with previous portfolio pieces, each exemplar should include a narrative description of the item with an explanation of any special techniques used to create the item. 

    Communication Technology III - This course provides students with instruction in advanced techniques, relative to both static and animated communication designs. In addition to learning more advanced techniques and emerging technologies, students will have an opportunity to research a project, design an appropriate solution, and present their results. The ultimate output of this course is the student’s presentation of a completed portfolio illustrating their best exemplars. The portfolio should include a narrative description of the scenario, the approach to data collection, resulting renderings, and an interpretation of each chart/graph. Research references should be cited appropriately. 


    Students will need to go to their Marion County Student Desktop and access their Office 365 app and once it opens, click on the Microsoft Teams app.

    Students will see all of their courses already listed in Teams, click on the TEAM for my course. All assignments will be posted and collected in the Teams app. If you have trouble accessing your course, please let me know as soon as possible.