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    Welcome to English II


    **NEW** message from Ms. Ogle and Nova (Teacher's Assistant pictured below):

     3/31/2020 Message:

    We will be meeting TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 1st for a Welcome Back! chat

    10th Grade - 1 pm on Zoom

    Your chat invites will be posted tomorrow morning on Google Classroom.

    I will go into more detail tomorrow on how things will work throughout the week. If you cannot meet tomorrow, please make sure to watch the recorded session once it is posted to Google Classroom

    Rules for Online Learning:

    1. All work for the week will be dropped on Google Classroom on Mondays. You may work as you like on assignments.

    2. I will hold Zoom meetings on TUESDAYS for questions/clarification on work or just to chat. Chat invites will be posted on Google Classroom the morning of.

    10th Grade - 1 PM

    3. I will post Bellringers on Google Classroom 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), for attendance, you MUST complete these bellringers. These will also count as your "Notebook" in the grade book. They will be easy and just a response, so check in often!

    4. I will hold another Zoom meeting on FRIDAYS to discuss the week's work, the readings, answer questions etc.

    10th Grade - 1 PM

    5. Send any messages via Remind or email during the week from 8 am - 7 pm if you need help or just want to chat.

    6. GRADES STILL MATTER! I know we are not in school, but you will still be receiving a grade for all work. I will be lenient on due dates for work, but they will be due.

    7. Be professional! All communication needs to be respectful to me and your fellow students. Reread messages, emails, responses, etc BEFORE you send them.

    8. Zoom Meetings will be RECORDED, so make sure you are properly dressed, pick a place that is respectful (nothing in the background...) and no activites that would go against code of conduct.




    3/29/2020 Message and Information:

    I will be using Google Classroom for putting up assignments, turning in work, class discussion responses, etc. I will also be scheduling Zoom Class discussions so we can see each other I will post the chat invitation on Google Classroom each morning we are scheduled to meet.

    The calendars for English I and English II will also be updated with all notes, work and such for your information.

    I will send out Remind messages EACH DAY at 9 AM to update/remind that we may have an online class discussion, new materials being posted or reminders on turning work in. As always, you can message me directly using Remind anytime from 8 AM until 7 PM. 

    Remind Codes:


    Period 3 - @nmheng23

    Period 6 - @nmheng26


    If you need help or have any questions, please use Remind or email to contact me Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 7 PM.



    If you have not signed up for Google Classroom (I believe this is parents only), please make sure to do so BEFORE Wednesday, April 1st.

     Google Classroom Codes


    Period 3 - 45gh44i


    Period 6 - wwrgkbz


    Make sure you are using your respective English class (I or II) to access the correct schedule, assignments, etc.

    Need to know how the class works? Take a look at the Class Syllabus.

    Need to know what we are doing? Take a look at the Class Calendar.

    Need to know what we are reading? Take a look at the "What We're Reading" page.

    Have questions? Get in touch with Ms. Ogle by email or Remind.