• Sumerian king Week of 9/9/19

    Monday, 9/9. Topic: Mesopotamia, Lesson 1, Sumerians. This week students will be working through the Study Smart workbook pages 98-102. Today we will finish learning what the GRAPES of civilization are and use that pneumonic to study each civilization that we learn about this year. Be ready for a quiz on Friday.

    Use this link to practice your vocabulary.


    Tuesday, 9/10. Topic: Sumeria. Students will be learning how the Sumerians were able to create a civilization between two rivers in a desert region of the Fertile Crescent in present day Iraq. HW: Crossword puzzle. All students will get a paper copy, but you can do it online and print the completed puzzle if you like. Click here for the online version.  


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Sumerian GRAPES. Students will use a graphic organizer to gather information about the different elements of Sumerian civilization (their GRAPES). HW: Study Smart p. 102, #1.


    Friday, 9/13. Topic: Sumerians. Quiz on Lesson 1, Sumerians.