• Mesopotamia map Week of 9/2/19

    Monday, 9/2. Labor Day. No School.

    Tuesday-Wednesday, 9/3-4. Schools closed due to Hurricane Dorian

    Thursday, 9/5. Topic: Mesopotamia, Lesson 1. We will begin Unit 2 on Mesopotamia. Students will start with their essential questions and vocabulary. No homework this week. 

    Friday, 9/6. Topic: Mesopotamia, Lesson 1. We will continue working through lesson 1. No homework. 

    If you want something to work on, I'm posting the pages we'll be working on when we get back. Click here to download a set of pages if you need them. If you do download these pages, then try this crossword puzzle. After you complete it, you can print the Congratulations page, or take a screen shot of it and email it to me. 

     If you read over pages 95 in the Study Smart workbook, give this little activity a try. Click for the activity. 

    Another option would be to access the online textbook and explore Chapter 4, both lessons. There are short videos to watch, interactive maps, and practice quiz/puzzle activities. The students also know how to access other learning opportunities from their MCPS Desktop portal.