• stone age woman Week of 9/7/19

    Monday, 9/7. Labor Day. No School

    Tuesday/Wednesday, Topic: Agricultural Revolution.  Students will be learning how farming changed the world and is the key to all civilizations. They will use a guided reading activity to help them work through pages in the textbook. HW: Test Friday from the Workbook pages, 67-71, and the Guided Reading pages from this week. They will also learn how to make storyboards showing the development of farming. HW: Finish the Storyboard by Friday at the latest. 


    Topic: Agricultural Revolution. We will continue working through the lesson. Students will complete a Chain Reaction Chart that shows how the development of farming led to the develop of civilizations. HW: Crossword puzzle and review all notes for test on Friday. (6th Period students did not get the crossword puzzle. I will give it to them on Thusday.) Click here to complete the puzzle online.   (you will need to print it when you're finished and turn it in if you want to.)


    Topic: Ag. Rev. Today students will complete a graphic organizer that shows the different Elements of Civilization, from pages 68-69 in the textbook. 


    Topic: Unit 1 Test. Students will be going to the computer lab to take their Unit 1, Stone Age test.  HW: Finish the storyboards if not already finished. Enjoy your 3-day weekend. I certainly will.