• Early man looking at directional signs Week of 8/31/19

    Topic: Early Hunter-gatherers. We will finish the Lesson 1 this week and begin Lesson 2 on the Agricultural Revolution. We are covering pages 67-72 in the Study Smart workbook. I have uploaded the pages if you want to see them. Click here for the pages. Students must keep up with the class as we complete these pages together the first few times. Students must keep these pages in their 3-ring binders along with their math and science workbook pages. 

    Topic: Agricultural Revolution. Hopefully we will have finished the lesson on hunter-gatherers and can begin Lesson 2,Agricultural Revolution. Students will get their new vocabulary and begin reading in the textbook. I will show students how to access their online textbook and use some of the tools available to them.

    Topic: Agricultural Revolution. Today is a block day. We will work through the rest of the Lesson 2 and students will have an opportunity to make an illustrated storyboard that shows how early people developed from hunter-gatherers to farmers living in villages. 

    Topic: Quiz. Students will take their first quiz today. And they'll continue to work on their storyboards.