• Week of 8/12/19  

    Welcome to our very first week in review!!!  I welcome every one of my wonderful students back to an exciting and fun school year in Physical Science class.  There will be a straight 6 schedule for Monday through Wednesday of this week and block schedule for Thursday and Friday.  The early part of this week will be dedicated to reviewing school and classroom procedures. For Wednesday, we will view a Lab Safety Video followed by a quick learning check (5 question quiz).  For the block days, we will have a District Benchmark Assessment as a CSMA to assess your prior knowledge and to determine where I need to focus instruction for you for this school year.  We have 50 minutes to administer this exam.  Lastly, Science Fair will be offered this year. Those who are interested in Science Fair, please start thinking about an experiment, not a demonstration, that you would like to conduct.  Although Science Fair is not mandatory, ALL students will be engaged in some form of a project during 1st semester.  If you do not participaate in Science Fair, your science project might be selected for the school Science Expo similar to last February in the Gym.  More details to follow...  I'm looking forward to a great year with all of my students! - Miss Ellis


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