• Syllabus  

    Eighth Grade United States History & Career Planning 

    Instructor:  C. Hillard 

    Subject:  US History & Career Planning 

    E-mail: cecelia.hillard@marion.k12.fl.us  

    Eighth Grade Social Studies is an in-depth study of US history. Primary content emphasis for this course pertains to the study of American history from the Exploration and Colonization period to the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. Students will be exposed to the historical, geographic, political, economic, and sociological events which influenced the development of the United States and the resulting impact on world history. So that students can clearly see the relationship between cause and effect in historical events, students should have the opportunity to explore those fundamental ideas and events which occurred after Reconstruction. 

    First Nine Weeks 

    • Class Introduction and Orientation 
    • New Empires 
    • The English Colonies 
    • The American Revolution 
    • Forming a Government & Constitution 

    Second Nine Weeks 

    • Launching the Nation 
    • War, Expansion & National Identity 
    • The Age of Jackson 


    Cumulative Mid-Term Exam 

    Third Nine Weeks 

    • The West 
    • The North 
    • The South 
    • Slavery in the US 
    • Reform Movements 
    • A Divided Nation 


    Fourth Nine Weeks 

    • The Civil War 
    • Reconstruction 

    End of Course Exam 


    Category/Percentages                                                         Grading Scale:                                                       

    Tests/Project - 40%                                                              90 – 100  =  A 

    Quizzes - 40%                                                                        80 – 89    =  B 

    Homework/Planner - 10%                                                  70 – 79    =  C 

    Journal’s/Bellwork - 5%                                                      60 – 69    =  D               

                                                                                                    0 – 59      =  F                          


    • Homework and Classwork – All work is given a grade based upon the number of questions for a given assignment.   In the event that a student is absent it is their responsibility to ask the instructor for the assignment that was missed when they return to school.   
    • *REMIND APP* To enhance home-school communication, I plan to use an app called Remind.   This app was designed for teachers and allows me to send reminders about classroom happenings via text message.  I have found it is a quick and effective way to get messages to you about important things that are happening in class. If you are interested in receiving these messages, follow the directions found below.  Standard text messaging rates will apply.  One neat feature of this app is that all phone numbers are kept private.  Also, you will not receive any advertisements. To sign up to receive messages, simply text @hg99ch3 to the number 81010. If, at anytime, you would like to stop receiving text updates, simply text STOP to the same number. 


    • All teachers will have a website that provides detailed information on what is going on in the classroom. You can access the website at the North Marion Middle School homepage.  


    • It is important to understand the difference between “helping” and “cheating,” as well as when it is permitted to work together.  Students may work together to complete most homework and classwork assignments, however copying another’s answers is not permissible.  The general rule of thumb for assignments is that working together or explaining how to do something is helping.  Giving another student a “free ride” without contributing to the assignment is cheating.  Quizzes and tests are not cooperative assignments, and it is cheating to assist another student with their quiz or test.   

    Daily School Supplies for 

    Mrs. Hillard’s Classroom 

    1. Student’s will need to come to class everyday, with a folder specific for US History class, paper and pencils or pen. You will not be supplied with them.    I will, on occasion, have pencils, paper and erasers available to buy with Colt Cash. 
    1. Any additional items will be requested at a later date. 




    Mrs. Hillard’s Classroom Rules 

    1. I will pay attention and not disrupt class. 
    1. I will respect other peoples’ property and dignity. 
    1. I will come to class on time and prepared. 
    1. I will address others with the proper tone of voice and with respect. 
    1. I will follow directions when I am told. 
    1. I will accept responsibility for my behaviors. 


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    I, ____________________________________, the undersigned parent of ___________________________________________ 

    Parent/Guardian Printed Name Printed Name of Student 

    Signed (Parent/Guardian Signature) ______________________________________________ Date_________ 

    Parent Cell Phone _______________ 

    Parent E-mail address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 


    Check if you have access to the following. This will help to determine the accessibility for creative assignments for this year. 

    ___ internet 

    ___ computer 

    ___ printer