• 8/29 TUE "A"     -     8/21 WED "B"

    • Review any questions on Homework #2
    • Finish note worksheets
    • Lesson: graping linear, quadratic, absolute value by using table and desmos.com
    • Review:  domain, range, increasing and decreasing intervals, positive and negative intervals, rate of change, minimum and maximum, x and y intercept, zeros
    • Quiz on 1-1 key Features of Functions next class
    • Homework #3:  Textbook P. 10-11: 1-11 all, 13, 14, 18-27 all
    • Answer Key (AK) P. 10    AK P. 11


    8/16 FRI "A"     -     8/19 MON "B"

    • Turn in Student Information Sheet to me
    • Turn in Homework #1 to basket
    • Finish LESSON: 1-1 Key Features of Functions
    • Homework #2:  etextbook assignment  1-1 MathXL for School:  Practice and Problem-solving


    8/14 WED "A"     -     8/15 THU "B

    • Turn in Homework #1 and the Student Information Sheet
    • Did you print the reference sheet?  Did you read the syllabus?
    • Lesson/CW: Worksheet PreAlgebra Caching all boxes and Worksheet Algebra 1 Caching all boxes
    • We will go over all the questions you have today in class, so that you can finish for next class
    • Make sure all the boxes and work with answers are in your binder under class notes
    • Lesson on 1-1 Key Features of Functions (worksheets for notes)
    • Homework #2:  etextbook assignment  1-1 MathXL for School:  Practice and Problem-solving

    8/12 MON "A"     -     8/13 TUE "B"

    • Read Supply List and Sylllabus (Did you check your school email?)
    • Sign up for REMIND
    • Print out the reference sheet and put it in your binder
    • Complete the Student Information Sheet for Mrs. Wilder (top half)
    • Have your PARENT/GUARDIAN fill in the bottom half and return to me by next class
    • Lesson/ Classwork:  PreAlgebra Caching Activity and Algebra 1 Caching Activity
    • By next class, I expect that you will :  Return Student Information sheet - sign up for REMIND - print out reference sheet - read syllabus - read supply list - organize your notebook - have your supplies
    • Homework# 1:  Finish the two caching activities.  Print out the certificate with your name, date and Period.