2nd Semester

    Quarter 3


    1/17 FRI "A"     -     1/21 TUE "B"

    • Turn in Homework #3 the 17 moderate questions from albert.io 
    • TEST on Solving Equations and Simplifying Trig Expressions
    • Classwork/Homework #4: 6 difficult albert.io problems, no late submissions will be accepted so pay attention to deadline
    • you will turn in the paper copy only if the submission was not late


    1/15 WED "A"     -     1/16 THU "B"

    • Correct the Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions work
    • Only students with a 25/25 will be allowed to turn in the coloring worksheet
    • Review and collect Homework #2
    • Take QUIZ on Solving Trig Equations and Simplifying Trig Expressions
    • Homework #3:  this is an Albert.io assignment and YES...  All work must be neatly done on a separate sheet of paper *****PAY ATTENTION to the DEADLINE DATE and TIME


    TEST NEXT CLASS   1/17 FRI "A"  - 1/21 TUE "B"

    Simplifying and Solving Trigonometric Equations and Expressions


    1/13 MON "A"     -     1/14 TUE "B"

    • Review and collect Homework #1
    • Review and correct Task Cards activity, put these in your notes
    • Classwork: Worksheet on Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions 25 problems (color)
    • Do all your work neatly on a separate sheet of paper, not on the worksheet
    • On the worksheet, shade in the correct design for the answer
    • Color the design, be creative for a "hang worthy" assignment
    • do NOT fold, hole punch, mutilate, tear, or make a mess of the worksheet
    • do NOT staple the work to the worksheet
    • Homework #2:  P. 15: 113-116 all and P. 29: 101-104 all and P. 41: 119, 120
    • Also for Homework...go to albert.io and make sure you know how to do Homework 12 from last quarter. You also have a written copy of this assignment. Review it before next class, make sure you understand it.

    1/9 THU "A"     -     1/10 FRI "B"

    • Lesson Notes Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
    • Classwork:  Finish the Task Card Problems and turn in before you leave
    • Homework #1:  Worksheet on Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
    • AK for Homework #1


    1/7 TUE "A"     -     1/8 WED "B"

    • Clean Notebook
    • Refresh Syllabus rules, especially if you are absent for a graded assignment
    • Tutoring will be by appointment only, text or email me.
    • New Test/Quiz Tracker given
    • Notes: Pythagorean Identities
    • Classwork:  2nd Quarter Cumulative Test Corrrections, to be collected before you leave class today
    • Classwork: Start Trigonometric Equations Task Cards when you finish the Test corrections




    Exam Schedule

    12/17 TUES            12/18 WED          12/19 THU

    Period 2 EXAM     Period 1 EXAM     Period 4 EXAM

    CAT                          CAT                         CAT

    Period 4                  Period 3                  Period 2

    Period 6 EXAM     Period 5 EXAM     Period 3 EXAM



    12/13 FRI "B" DAY ONLY

    • Turn in Homework #13
    • I collected the Test/Quiz Tracker
    • Correct and review classwork on 12 Solving Trig Problems
    • QUESTIONS???????  bring in questions for Cumulative test
    • Homework:  STUDY, PRACTICE for Cumulative Test
    • 12/17 TUE 2nd Quarter Cumulative Test (double weighted)

    12/12 THU "A" DAY ONLY

    Period 1                                                                 

    Collect HW 12                                                                                 

    Review Cumulative Quiz                                                                

    Activity on Solving 12 Trig Equations                                                

    HW #13: correct your classmate's HW #12                                       

    Collect Test/Quiz tracker

    12/16 MON  bring questions you have for review

    12/18 WED  double weighted 2nd Quarter Cumulative Test

    Period 5

    Turn in Homework #13

    Collect Test/Quiz tracker

    You present Review Packet Questions

    Homework:  Study, Practice, prepare questions for next class

    12/16 MON  bring questions you have for review

    12/18 WED  double weighted 2nd Quarter Cumulative Test



    12/10 TUE "A"     -     12/11 WED "B"

    • Turn in corrected albert.io Homework #12
    • Review the Cumulative Quiz
    • Classwork:  12 Activity Problems on Solving Trig Equations
    • Homework #13:  Correct your classmate's  Homework #12

    Period 1:  worked on Review Packet in class, have HW #12 ready for next class


    12/6 FRI "A"     -     12/9 MON "A"

    • Correct and review homework #11
    • Cumulative Quiz (no notes allowed)
    • Classwork: 12 Solving Trig Equations activity problems
    • Homework #12:  go to albert.io Solving Simple Trig Equations assignment
    • You must have a written copy of this assignment with work and correct answers, neatly done
    • the assignment is set up so that it will be corrected after you finish the 14 problems


    12/4 WED "A"     -     12/5 THU "B"

    • Review questions on Homework #10
    • Review and Correct CSI Activity on Factoring and Quadratics
    • LESSON:  Continue Solving Simple Trigonometric Equations
    • Homework #11:  Worksheet on Solving Trig Equations
    • Cumulative Quiz next class (no notes)


    12/2 MON "A"     -     12/3 TUE "B"

    •  Turn in Homework #8 on Test Corrections, staple corrections to top of Test
    • Review Homework # 9 P. 265-267
    • LESSON:  4.2, 4.4  Solving Simple Trigonometry Equations
    • CSI ACTIVITY Factoring and Quadratics   WHo is Calcuu Paraboloid?  Finish today
    • Homework #10:  go to google classrooms and do Trigonometry Math XL


    11/21 THU "A"     -     11/22 FRI "B"

    • LESSON:  4.1 Radian, Degree Measure
    • Sketching angles in standard form, Finding coterminal angles, finding arc length, finding complementary & suppplementary angles, converting degrees to radians and radians to degrees
    • REVIEW ACTIVITY:  CSI factoring and quadratics
    • Homework #8:  TEST corrections - do ALL corrections on a separate sheet of paper then staple the corrections to the top of the Test
    • Homework #9:  P. 265-267:  3-19 odds, 23-73 odds, 77-87 odds



    11/19 TUES "A"    -     11/20 WED "B"

    • TEST on Trigonometry 


    11/15 FRI "A"     -     11/18 MON "B"

    • Turn in what you need to from last class
    • QUESTIONS for test?????
    • Lesson:  Coterminal angles using degree and radians
    • Homework:  STUDY for Test by PRACTICING problems you got wrong on homework, quizzes, classwork etc.  
    • TEST on Trigonometry 11/19 TUE "A"  -  11/20 WED "B"


    11/13 WED "A"     -     11/14 THU "B"

    • Revisit Homework 7
    • Questions on Cumulative Quiz?
    • Correct Classwork: 10 problems, turn this assignment back in corrected
    • Classwork: Unit Circle Maze
    • Classwork: Puzzle Math Special Right Triangles
    • Homework:  Hand in a paper copy of Homework # 7 with all work and all sketches
    • go to albert.io to get solutions to incorrect problems
    • Prepare questions for Test on Trigonometry for next class


    11/11 MON "A"     -     11/12 TUE "B"

    • Questions on Cumulative Test?
    • Questions on Homework #6?    Any questions on anything?
    • Cumulative Quiz today with no notes allowed
    • Classwork:  Finish the 10 problems using Bearings, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines
    • Turn this assignment in before the end of class
    • Homework #7:  albert.io assignment (11 problems) 
    • for HW you will need to use  this definition:
    • BEARING: a "bearing" measurement is a method of measuring from true North in a clockwise direction
    • TEST ON TRIGONOMETRY 11/19 TUES "A"   -   11/20 WED "B"


    11/7 THU "A"     -     11/8 FRI "B"

    • Review and Correct Homework #6
    • Questions on Cumulative Test will be taken next class
    • NEXT CLASS:  Cumulative Quiz (10-15 questions) with no notes allowed
    • CLASSWORK:  Worksheet with 10 problems. Apply Bearings, Law of Sines, and Law of Cosines to solve navigational problems.
    • HOMEWORK:  You have plenty to do. Revisit Homework #6.  Do test corrections.  Study for Quiz.


    11/5 TUE "A"     -     11/6 WED "B"

    • Questions on Homework #5?
    • Questions on Quiz 4.3, 6.1,6.2(online)
    • Revisit Homework #4 and make sure you know how to do it...
    • LESSON:  Bearings, degrees, minutes, seconds
    • Finish Cumulative test
    • Homework #6 Worksheet on 6.1, 6.2 Law of Sines and Law of Cosines (3 problems)
    • Answers will be provided during next class


    11/1 FRI "A"      -      11/4 MON "B"

    • Review Homework #5 up to Area
    • ?? How do you find the area (oblique) non-right triangles?
    • LESSON:  Notes on 6.1 & 6.2  Area of Oblique triangles
    • Herons Formula and Area= .5absinC
    • Cumulative in-class TEST (open notebook)  Make-ups on Wednesday morning for absent people
    • Finding missing side lengths, missing angle measures, solve the triangle, find the area of any triangle
    • YOU WILL: Find the area of oblique triangles using the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines
    • Finish Homework #5:  See worksheet below AND
    • Go to Google classrooms and do Topic 8 Assessment (QUIZ 4.3, 6.1,6.2) as it counts as a QUIZ grade.  You should do a written copy but I will not collect it.   You do not have question help button and you cannot redo or resubmit problems.  It will save when you exit.
    • This is not an XL so you can not go back once you submit.  Once you submit, you are DONE so do not submit at all until you have finished the whole quiz.  Submit in Pearson when you are finished, then also submit in google classroom.


    10/30 WED "A"  Early Release Day     -     10/31 THU "B"

    • Correct, Review, Collect Homework #4
    • Questions on Solving Right Triangles Quiz?
    • ?? How do you solve problems that are not right triangles (oblique)?
    • LESSON:  Notes on 6.1 & 6.2  Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, Area of Oblique triangles
    • Finding missing side lengths, missing angle measures, solve the triangle, find the area of any triangle
    • YOU WILL:  Solve oblique triangles using the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines
    • Homework #5Worksheet on 6.1, 6.2 Law of Sines and Law of Cosines


    10/28 MON "A"     -     10/29 TUE "B"

    • Questions on Homework #3?  Questions on Test?
    • Quiz on Solving Right Triangles
    • ??  How do we solve right triangles?
    • LESSON:  4.3 Applications of Right Triangles Worksheet you may come get a copy from me if you wish
    • YOU WILL:  Use trigonometric functions to find unknown side lengths and unknown angle measures in right triangles.
    • Homework #4:  Finish the Applications worksheet started in class


    10/24 THU "A"     -     10/25 FRI "B"

    • ??:  How can you find the sides  and angles of a right triangle?
    • YOU WILL: Use trigonometric functions to find the missing lengths and angles of a right triangle.
    • LESSON:  Finish generating the unit circle.  
    • 4.3 Right triangle trigonometry
    • Classwork on Page P. 284 selected problems
    • Homework #3:  MATH XL School:  Practice and Problem Solving on Google classrooms (no written copy is required to be turned BUT I strongly recommend you handle this like a regular HW and write the problems out)
    • Do the Test Corrections also for Homework. Do Test corrections right on the TEST


    10/22 TUES "A"     -     10/23 WED "B"

    TEST on Conic Sections Today

    • Conic Stations Maze Quiz Course Average was an 81%
    • Check email for INVITE to albert.io (some of you are automatically enrolled)
    • Go to albert.io and check to see if PreCalculus has been added to your classes
    • You can also see if it shows up on google classrooms
    • Homework #3:  MATH XL School:  Practice and Problem Solving on Google classrooms


    10/18 FRI "A"     -     10/21 MON "B"

     Fundamental Skills Quiz #2 AK

    • Correct Homework #2
    • Review Conic Station Maze Quiz
    • Review for TEST (any questions)?
    • LESSON:  Trigonometry Unit Circle (if time allows)
    • HOMEWORK:  Study for Test

    10/16 WED "A"     -     10/17 THU "B"

    • Review, correct and COLLECT Homework #1
    • Questions on Applications of Conics?
    • Clean out Notebook (HW 1-6 you may throw away)
    • Throw away any test or quiz except the Cumulative Test and the Fundamental Skills packet
    • Lesson:  Test Taking Strategies for multiple choice tests
    • Conic Stations Maze Quiz  (make-up Thursday morning)
    • Homework #2:  Use the Test taking taking strategies for multiple choice tests on as many questions as you can  
    • Solve all other questions algebraically
    • Fundamental Skills Questions 13-40 all (see me for packet)


    10/11 FRI "B"     -     10/15 TUE "A"

    Fundamental Skills Quiz 1 answer key

    I am cleaning up Quarter 1, so if you would like to print out anything from Quarter 1, do so BEFORE MONDAY

    • LESSON:  Identifying Conic Sections  
    • using completing the square to identify a conic section in General Form
    • Fundamental Skills Quiz #2 (make-ups for absent students Wednesday morning)
    • Finish Lesson Notes on Applications of Conics
    • Finish Task Cards on Application of Conics Answer Key (omit Problems 7 & 9)
    • Homework #1: P. 689: 49-58 all AND P. 731: 53-56 all



    10/9 WED "B"    -     10/10 THU "A"

    • Review Homework 13 on Hyperbolas
    • LESSON:  Applications of Conic Sections  Problems and answers (omit Problem 7)
    • Worksheet for Notes ( come see me for copy)
    • Classwork:  Task cards on Applications of Conic Sections
    • Homework:  Start Studying for test

    10/7 MON "B"     -     10/8 TUE "A" 

    • Questions on Homework 12?
    • Any Questions at all on anything?
    • LESSON:  Hyperbolas
    • 6 Question Quiz on Fundamental Skills (Last Grade for 1st Quarter)
    • Make-up Day if you are absent is Wed 10/9 before school or after school ONLY
    • I will collect Homework passes on Thursday/Friday.  You may hand them in before if you think you will be absent.
    • Homework #13:  Worksheet on Hyperbolas (come see me for a copy of the worksheet if you were absent)
    • AK for Homework 13

    Fundamental Skills Packet AK

    10/4 FRIDAY  Homecoming DAY

    • "A" Day  students  Homework #12 and fundamental skills packet is due Tuesday 10/8
    • "B" Day  students Homework #12 and fundamental skills packet is due Monday 10/7

    10/2 WED "A"     -     10/3 THU

    9/30 MON "A"     -     10/1 TUE "B"

    • Sign up for Google classroom with the class code I sent you via text and gave to you today in class.
    • Fill out the Test/Quiz Tracker worksheet.  This is required and must have the course average and your score.
    • LESSON:  Ellipses: center, major & minor axis, coordinates of foci, vertices, co-vertices, finding eccentricity
    • Homework #11:  Test Corrections.  Do all work on a separate sheet of paper.  Show work.  Write answer and letter answer.  Staple the corrections to the TOP of the scantron.  Spend about 10-15 minutes working on Fundamental skills package.
    • GREEN 1  GREEN 2     
    •  GOLD 1  GOLD 2

    9/26 THU "A"     -      9/27 FRI "B"

    • Cumulative Test on Binomial Thm, Pascals Triangle, Operation of Functions, Circles and Parabolas
    • Last day to turn in Homework # 10
    • If you have time after the Test, work on the Fundamental Skills packet (it is NOT Homework)


    9/24 TUE "A"     -     9/25 WED "B"(Early Release Day)

    • Review Homework 10 ( turn this assignment in next class)
    • Any questions for the Test?  (review)
    • Packet on Fundamental PreCalculus Skills (see me for a packet)
    • QUIZ  (if you are absent for the Quiz, contact me via email or text to make arrangements)
    • Homework:  STUDY for Test

    9/20 FRI "A"     -     9/23 MON "B"

    • Group Classwork:  Pick up where you left off last class
    • Textbook P. 668-670:  89-98 all
    • Submit one copy of all work by the end of the period.  Make sure you have everyone's name on the paper, if they did work.
    • Homework #10:  Parabolas
    • Bring Questions for Cumulative Test next class
    • AK to HW 10

    9/18 WED "A"     9/19 THU "B"

    • Review Notes on Writing Equations of Parabolas (18) problems
    • Questions on Function Quiz?
    • Group Classwork:  When do we ever use this stuff "PARABOLAS" in real life?
    • textbook P. 668-670: 89-98 all
    • Homework #9:  Finish classwork for homework.  Do as much as you can and you will compare answers with your group next class

    9/16 MON "A"     -     9/17 TUES "B"

    • Review, correct,collect Homework 8 on circles
    • Finish Function Quiz in class, remember the work must justify the answer or the question is incorrect
    • Notes on Parabolas, copy this into your notes on graph paper
    • Example Notes on Parabolas, try working out these problems in your notes, remmeber you need h,k and p for Parabolas, finish these problems for homework
    • Use Khan academy videos to help

    9/12 THU "A"     -     9/13 FRI "B"

    • Review, correct, collect Homework #7
    • Lesson: Completing the square when coefficient doe not equal 1, x and y intercepts of circles
    • Start Function Classwork/Quiz Activity
    • If you have not picked up your textbook yet, do so today in the media center.
    • Homework #8:  P. 667 in textbook 1-35 odds

    9/10 TUE "A"     -     9/11 WED "B"

    • Review, correct, collect homework 6
    • Lesson:  Completing the square to get Standard Form of equations of circles
    • Given various information on circles, write the equation of the circle in standard form
    • Quiz:  graphing piecewise functions
    • Homework #7Circles

    9/6 FRI "A"     -     9/9 MON "B"

    • Lesson on Functions:  Add, subtract, multiply, divide, compositions and finding inverses
    • Domain of these compositions
    • Graphing Piecewise functions
    • Homework #6Worksheet on Functions  21-25 must be on graph paper


    8/30 FRI "A"     -     9/5 THU "B"

    • Take questions on Homework #5, then turn in HW #5
    • Graphing Piecewise Functions
    • Activity on Order of Operations CSI


    8/28 WED "A"     -     8/29 THU "B"

    • Review note examples, take questions
    • Lesson:  Types of Graphs (review)
    • using the graphing calculator to graph parent functions and
    • to graph linear, quadratic, absolute value, square root, rational functions
    • Identify the transformations and translations
    • Identify Domain, range, Positive and Negative, Increasing and decreasing, extrema
    • Homework #5:  Test Corrections
    • check your FHS email for copy of the test
    • You MUST redo  all problems that are incorrect or you received partial credit
    • Do them on a separate sheet of paper, show all work except for #23
    • Yes you must do all the incorrect problems or 1/2 credit problems including the bonus question.
    • Staple the corrections to the TOP of the TEST answer sheet and turn in


    8/26 MON "A"     -     8/27 TUE "B"

    • Turn in Homework #4
    • TEST on Pascal's Triangle and Binomial Theorem
    • If you are absent, text me to make arrangements for make-up Test before next class.
    • Notes:  Do the following textbook Problems in  your notes
    • Read below for information on the TI-84 Caching Quiz
    • NOTES:  Do these problems in your notes for next class
    • P. 15: 113, 115    P. 25-26: 27-35 odds, 41, 47-61 odds

    8/22 THU "A"      -     8/23 FRI "B"

    • TEST  8/26 MON "A"     -     8/27 TUE "B"
    • Review and correct Homework #4
    • Review studying procedures in class
    • classwork: activity problems
    • Work on The TI 84 Caching for a QUIZ grade.  The TI-84 link is on Day 1 at the bottom of this page.  You will email me the certificate and it must have your name and period printed in it. Email MUST be sent from your school email.
    • On the email you write all the answers to each box and the URL numbers. 
    • Box 1                              Box 2                   etc
    • 1. ans                              1.  ans
    • 2. ans                              2. ans
    • URL #: 0000000               URL #: 123456
    • Due Date:  no later than 8/30/2019 FRI by 11:59 PM
    • If you do not have a graphing calculator yet, you need to see me Wednesday (8/28) morning to work on this here.  Be here by 7:00 AM.


    8/20 TUE "A"     -     8/21 WED "B" 

    • Correct and review Homework #3 Problems 1-12
    • Lesson:  Binomial Theorem
    • Review: examples on difference quotient, Pascal's Triangle, finding a coefficient, expanding, finding a term
    • Finish Homework #3:  13-16 and turn in before you leave class
    • Homework #4:  P. 29: 87, 89   P. 41: 119    P. 624-625: 5, 9, 17-41 odds, 49 -63 odds, 69, 71
    • use calcchat.com to check answers
    • TEST   8/26 MON "A"     -     8/27 TUE "B"

    8/16 FRI "A"     -     8/19 MON "B"

    • Turn in HW 1, Turn in Student Info sheet 
    • Review, correct Homework #2 and turn in
    • Lesson/CW in your notes:  Pascal's Triangle, Binomial Expansion, Finding any element, Finding Binomial Terms, The Binomial Theorem
    • Homework # 3:  Worksheet on Pascal's Triangle and the Binomial Theorem (HW 3 not HW 8)
    • Answer Key (AK) to Homework #3

    8/14 WED "A"     -     8/15 THU "B"

    • Turn in the student information sheet and Homework #1
    • Questions on the Syllabus? Did you sign up for REMIND? Print out Reference Sheet?
    • Lesson/CW in your notes: Worksheet Algecaching all boxes and Worksheet Alge2Caching all boxes
    • We will go over all these problems in class today
    • Make sure all the boxes and work with answers are in your binder under class notes
    • The TI - 84 caching is due in 2 weeks
    • If time allows start the Difference Quotient Lesson
    • HW #2 Difference Quotient Worksheet 
    • Answer Key (AK) to Homework


    8/12 MON "A"      -      8/13 TUE "B"

    • Read Supply List and Sylllabus (Did you check your school email?)
    • Sign up for REMIND (you may use an email address if you do not have a cell phone)
    • Print out the reference sheet and put it in your binder
    • Complete the Student Information Sheet for Mrs. Wilder (top half)
    • Have your PARENT/GUARDIAN fill in the bottom half and return to me by next class
    • Lesson/Classwork on Algebra Caching and Algebra 2 Caching
    • Algebra 2 Caching:  BOX 8:  2.  -35     3.  12, 36, 108     5.  82     BOX 9:   1.   3    2.   2     3.   3
    • TI-84 Caching Activity  due by  8/30 11:59 PM.  This will be turned in for a QUIZ grade.  Print certificate with your Name, Date and Period.
    • By next class, I expect that you will :  Return Student Information sheet - sign up for REMIND - print out reference sheet - read syllabus - read supply list - organize your notebook - buy a graphing calculator (if this is an issue, text me)
    • Homework #1:  Finish and print the certificates for Algebra Caching and Algebra 2 Caching.  Make sure your Name, Date and Period are on the certificates.