• ****FINAL TEST is double weighted as a Test for Quarter 4.  We did this Semester 1 too.
    UNDERCLASSMEN:  Final Test Day is is Wednesday, May 27th from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
                                         50 Questions (3 minutes per question)     
                                         43 Multiple Choice, 7 short response




    Friday, May 22nd   Final Assignment due today and Senior Final Test today

    •  deadline 11:59 PM  for Partial Cumulative Review Assignment Google Classroom
    • notice that I deleted the albert.io Part 2 assignment, a review would be better now
    • counts as Quiz grade
    • assigned on Saturday, May 16th
    • SENIORS:  FINAL TEST DAY is today from  1- 3 PM
    IMPORTANT:  I need to know NOW if you have a conflict with this date.  By not responding by WEDNESDAY, May 20th by 3:00 PM of this week, you accept this date and time.  That will require that I have a make-up Test available for you and I need time to do that.
    SENIORS:  Final Test Day is Friday, May 22nd from 12:45 PM to 3:00 PM
                        45 multiple choice questions (3 minutes per question)


    Wednesday, May 20th   NO ZOOM Meeting

    • I'll be answering your questions individually or in small groups
    • so send me questions and we'll schedule a one on one Zoom
    • If you have no questions, then no whole class Zoom meeting is necessary.
    • Review Quarter 3 Cumulative Test, 4th Quarter Material


    Monday, May 18th  Zoom Tutoring  1:00 PM (partially recorded) go to Zoom Meetings

    • send me questions, using your questions
    • email me for INVITE


    Friday, May 15th   assignment is due today

    • deadline at 11:59 PM for Limits and Continuity: Google Classroom Assignment (albert.io) Part 1      
    • Read directions carefully BEFORE starting this assignment  Counts as Quiz grade
    • assigned on Friday, May 8th


    Wednesday, May 13th   Zoom Meeting 

    • invite will be sent Monday 9:00 – 10:30 AM
    • send me questions to be discussed at this meeting
    • Lesson Notes on Limits  (you were sent a copy to your email)
    • Reference Sheet for review
    • Send me questions for next week's zoom meeting (Cumulative Review Questions)


    Answer Key to VECTOR Task Cards  


    Wednesday, May 6th to Tuesday, May 12th

    •  Limits and Continuity: Google Classroom Video assignment 

    • deadline: Videos will not be available to watch after 3:00 PM on TUESDAY, May 12th
      assigned on Wednesday, May 6th

    Wednesday, May 6th 

    • TEST on Vectors
    • directions have been sent to you, check your email
    • approx 34 questions 9:00 AM - 10:40 AM


    Task Card #21 is a projection vector, see below May 5th for answer

    **Clarification on how to write your final answer for the Vector Task card activity.

    If the problem is given in linear combination form (-2i+3j) then you should follow example and write final answer in linear combination form not component form. Simplify all radicals.  Rationalize all denominators.  Give simplified exact answer unless told to round.



     Tuesday, May 5th 

    • deadline 11:59 PM  for Vectors Task Cards Activity
    • Task Card #21 is a projection vector
    • here's the answer:    -155/169 i - 372/169 j
    • assigned 4/21 in Google Classrooms

    Monday, May 4th

    • deadline  11:59 PM   for Unit vectors, magnitude and direction form of vectors
    • component form of vectors, adding vectors in magnitude and direction form
    • assigned 4/28 Tuesday on KHAN

    Wednesday, April 29th      

    • deadline for Scalar Multiplication 
    • Vector Addition and Subtraction, Combined Vector Operations, Vectors: Quiz 2
    • assigned 4/23 Thursday on KHAN

    Wednesday, April 29th 

    • Zoom Meeting: Continue Lesson on vectors
    • go to Google Classroom and print out Lesson Worksheets for today
    • INVITE  was sent on Monday 4/27


    Friday, April 24th 


    Wednesday, April 22rd 

    • Zoom Meeting: Lesson on Vectors using worksheets 1-10 as notes (check Google classroom for worksheets and AK)
    • magnitude, component form, linear combination form, direction angle, angle between 2 vectors etc


    Monday, 4/20/2020  attendance for "A"  and "B" day will be taken through the Test today

    • TEST on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions today
    • Did you read the Directions for the TEST?  See below Thursday, 4/16
    • Response sheet is already available to print on google classroom and must be submitted no later than 10:45 AM
    • Test will be available from 8:55 AM to 10:45 AM
    • IT IS CRUCIAL that you remember to RESUBMIT the Response form in GOOGLE CLASSROOM, when in doubt resubmit...
    • Wednesday's Zoom meeting will be a lesson on Chapter 6 VECTORS
    • Invite and Agenda to follow later today
    • New Assignments and deadlines will be on google classrooms later this afternoon (Khan Academy Vectors)
    • I'll post directions here this afternoon


    Friday 4/17/2020   today is "B" day attendance

    • by now you know that you have a TEST on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Monday, April 20th from 9:00 AM to 10:40 AM
    • READ the  Directions for TEST below
    • Wednesday's Zoom meeting will be a new lesson on Vectors.  I will send out some material to help you prepare for that lesson, so stay tuned.
    • Have a nice weekend!!!!!


    Thursday 4/16/2020   today is "A" day attendance

    • Deadline for Google XL Assignment is Sunday, April 19th
    •  TEST on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Monday, April 20th from 9:00 AM to 10:40 AM
    •   DIRECTIONS for TEST    read them so that you are prepared for Monday
    • go to Zoom meetings if you missed any meeting or want to see them again....


    Wednesday 4/15/2020   today is "B" Day attendance

    AGENDA for today's meeting,  check email for INVITE

      • 1st:  We'll take Questions on the SUM EM 
      1.   Have the 4 Task Cards printed or available to view on your desktop
      2.   Have your SUM EM answer sheet corrected and available to view
      • 2nd:   Have the following Homework in front of you with the original questions
      1.   HW 9
      2.   HW 10
      3.   HW 11
      • 3rd:  Pink task card which is the 15 Exponential and Logarithmic Model Problems
      • 4th:  General Questions on Monday's notes and Google XL assignment
      • keep in mind that the XL assignment generates different questions for everyone
      • it is not required for you to attend this meeting, but it is your opportunity to ask questions before the Test
      TEST on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Monday, April 20th from 9:00 AM to 10:40 AM
      See web page lessons for detailed information
    • DEADLINE for Google classroom assignment is Sunday, April 19th

    Tuesday 4/14/2020  today is "A" day attendance

    • INVITE to tomorrow's meeting has been sent with an agenda, so please read it
    • Google XL Assignment is due by Sunday 4/19.  Make sure you RESUBMIT and/or TURN IN when you are done
    • TEST on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions on Monday, April 20th
    • mostly mutiple choice but there are some short response (approx 35 questions)
    • We normally have 100 minutes so 9:00 - 10:40 AM.  I am giving an extra 10 minutes so that you may have time to print, go to google classrooms, submit etc.
    • I will send you the Test through your school email at 8: 55 AM
    • That will give you 5 minutes to print it out if you wish or set it up on your desktop.
    • start test at 9:00 AM, make sure you keep a clean paper copy for yourself.
    • When you finish the test, go to Google classrooms to fill in the answer key (RESUBMIT and TURN IN)
    • This will turn off at 10:50 AM


    MONDAY 4/13  "B" Day attendance today

    • Zoom Lesson from 9:00 to 9:45 AM today (invite was sent)
      • How to prepare for Today's Zoom Meeting
      • Have your graphing calculator handy
      • Be ready to take notes
      • Have your notes handy to look up Formulas and Properties
    • Lesson:  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions domain, range, y-intercept, horizontal asymptote, end behavior, review of exponential growth and decay models, properties of Logarithms, change of base, solving
    • Discussion of upcoming TEST on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions on Monday April 20th from 9:00 AM to 10:40 AM and how that will work.
    • Assignment:  PreCalculus Math XL:  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Topic review:  It is an  XL...that means you are allowed to redo and resubmit as many times as you want until you get a 100%.  Yes it will count in the Quiz category.  Deadline is on the assignment.  Don't forget to click in upper right  RESUBMIT MARK AS DONE
    • On Lesson Plan web page: scroll down to 2/27 THU "B" - 2/28 FRI "A" on Lesson Plans, this starts your notes on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    • Put together the following:  Homework 9, 10, and 11 with all corrections
    • 15 Problems from the pink task card (applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Models Worksheet 15 problems)
    • SUM EM  4 Task Cards activity
    • Answer Key to SUM EM
    • Wednesday's Zoom meeting from 9:00 - 9:45 AM will be a question tutoring session,  no lesson will be provided.


    4/10 Friday  "A" Day attendance today

    • DEADLINE for Supplemental Practices and the SUM EM worksheet is no later than 3:00 PM today.
    • I'll be sending an invite to Monday's Zoom meeting later today
    • We will be doing a review Lesson of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, answering Questions on the SUM EM, the invite will have an Agenda of topics to be discussed at the meeting
    • I have started to correct the SUM EM assignment and sending the grades to you.  All the worksheets submitted through midnight Tuesday have been corrected and you have received a graded email.
    • **The answer key to the SUM EM will be posted after the deadline date of 3:00 PM  TODAY
    • As of 3:30 PM on Friday I will be taking a much needed break...and I will not be back online until Monday morning
    • Have a HAPPY EASTER




    4/9 Thursday     "B" DAY attendance today

    • Our tutoring Wednesday Zoom session went great, if you still have questions, email me and we can set up another session
    • Review notes on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions for future Test
    • Remember...everything Supplemental Practices and SUM EM is due by tomorrow, Friday 3:00 PM
    • You're doing GREAT handing things in....
    • Look at Lesson Plans below for details on assignments
    • We'll take questions on the SUM EM next week after I correct it this weekend.


    4/8 Wednesday   "A" DAY attendance today

    • NEW::::CORRECTIONS to AK on WS 15 problems coming from this morning's tutoring session
    • Do this FIRSTAll Supplemental Practices from Khan Academy are due to me no later than 3:00 PM on 4/10 Friday
    • Do this SECOND: Sum EM answer sent to me by Wednesday 3:00 PM, if possible.  I will accept it late for full credit until 3:00 PM Friday. 
    • Starting next week we will stick to deadlines...I will give a minimum of 5 days to complete graded assignment.
    • TESTS will be scheduled on MONDAY or WEDNEDSAY from 9- 11 AM which is our Zoom time.  If you have an issue with that time, email me individually and let me know now.  I will give advanced notice.
    • If you are having any issues, please, please reach out and email me to let me know.


    4/7 Tuesday 

    • Reminders ***for detailed information see previous lesson plan dates below
    • "B" day students must submit attendance today in Google Classrooms
    • Sum EM answer sent to me by Wednesday 3:00 PM
    • All Supplemental Practices from Khan Academy are due to me no later than 3:00 PM on 4/10 Friday
    • Have you done the Test corrections and placed them in your notes with a copy of the 3rd Quarter Cumulative Test ? (great review for Final Exam)
    • Is the 15 Question worksheet on Exponential Logarithms completed and written copy placed in your notebook?


    • New
    • Answer Key to Exponential and Logarithmic Models 15 problems
    • There is no extra credit this quarter.  You are allowed to use notes on Tests and Quizzes..that qualifies as "extra".
    • Wednesday's Zoom meeting is a tutoring session (optional attendance).  This will take a little planning on your end.  If you have questions on anything bring them.  How?  Make a word document of questions.  Write out the problem on paper and show your work up to the point you got stuck.   How?  Take a picture, insert it into a word document on your desktop.  Continue the same with next question etc.  On the day of the meeting open the word document on your desktop before the meeting.  You can then "share it" with me Wednesday.
    • If you have a touch screen you will be able to share your whiteboard with me and write on it. Practice this before Wednesday.


    3rd Quarter Cumulative Test Information

    **Normal procedure for test corrections:  Do Test corrections on a separate sheet of paper and attach to the top of the test. Answers have been provided on your answer key. You will definitely want to keep a copy of this as a study guide for the final cumulative test.  I will take questions on this and any other assignment on Wednesday's ZOOM meeting

    3rd Quarter Cumulative Test GOLD

    3rd Quarter Cumulative Test GREEN

    3rd Quarter Cumulative Test MAKE UP

    3rd Quarter Cumulative Questions 25 - 38 for everyone



    4/3 FRI "B"     -     4/6 MON "A"

    • Finish work from SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS 1st, see below 
    • You should have the WEEK 1 of Supplemental Materials submitted to me by 3:00 PM on Friday, 4/3
    • ACTIVITY: Finish the Assignment we started on Exponential and Logarithmic Models
    • The answer key will be provided next class
    • Finish the SUM EM ACTIVITY we started before Spring Break
    • SUM EM Answer Sheet ( Completed answer sheet sent to me by 3:00 PM WEDNESDAY 4/8)
    • SUM EM Activity Card 1
    • SUM EM Activity Card 2
    • SUM EM Activity Card 3
    • SUM EM Activity Card 4 



     4/1 WED "B"     -     4/2 THU "A" 

    • Go to Supplemental Materials P. 42
    • Watch the videos and complete the practice problems for
    •   1.  Limits Intro
    •   2.  Estimating limit values from graphs
    •   3.  One-sided limits from graphs
    •   4.  Connecting limits and graphical behavior
    •   5.  Creating tables for approximating limits
    •   6.  Estimating limits from tables
    •   7.  One-sided limits from tables
    •   8.  Quiz 1
    • When you are done, screenshot or picture of the box with scores and email to me.
    • H
    • Do not use REMIND to send work.
    • All of your work MUST be submitted to me through your school email account.
    • ****DEADLINE for this assignment  (all 8) is 3:00 PM Friday April 10





    Quarter 3




    3/12 THU "B"     -     3/13 FRI "A"

    3rd Quarter Cumulative Test



    3/10 TUE "B"     -     3/11 WED "A"

    • "B" day will turn in the TEST/QUIZ tracker today
    • Classwork:  SUM-EM activity on Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
    • Finish the 15 problems from the pink task card
    • Homework:  Study for 3rd Quarter Cumulative Test


    3/6 FRI "B"     -     3/9 MON "A"

    • Questions on HW #11
    • LESSON:  Using the Application models to solve for rate, initial amount and time.
    • 8 problem worksheet to place in notes
    • Classwork:  Pink Task Cards on Exponential Growth and Decay Applications
    • Homework:  Study for 3rd Quarter Cumulative test
    • Turn in Test/Quiz Tracker Monday"A" Day or Tuesday "B" day


    3/4 WED "B"     -     3/5 THU "A"

    • Correct HW #10,  AK   questions??  
    • Are you practicing (studying) for the 3rd Quarter Cumulative Test next week?
    • Finding the inverse of exponential or logarithmic functions
    • LESSON: Application Models: Exponential Growth or Decay, Continuous Growth or Decay, Logistic Model
    • Homework 11 Worksheets on Applications
    • AK to Homework #11


    3/2 MON "B"     -     3/3 TUE "A"

    • Turn in the Test corrections
    • Any Questions on Homework #9?
    • LESSON:  Solving Exponential Equations using Logarithms, solving Logarithmic Equations using Properties of Logarithms
    • Homework #10Worksheet 1,   Worksheet 2


    2/27 THU "B"     -     2/28 FRI "A"

    • Review and correct CSI: Advanced Trigonometry, then turn in the assignment with all the corrections.
    • Do Test Corrections as usual, all work on a separate sheet of paper and then stapled to TOP of test
    • LESSON Solving Exponential Equations, using the same base
    • Homework #9:  Worksheets on Solving Exponential Functions, finish all the ones we did not do in class. You can check all of your solutions.  Therefore, you do not need an answer key.


    2/26 WED "A"  Early Release

    Periods 1 and 3 only... 

    Mental Health Awareness Day  Presentations


    2/24 MON "A"     -     2/25 TUE "B"

    • TEST on Graphing Sine, Cosine, Tangent Curves with transformations
    • Homework:  CSI:  Advanced Trigonometry   for "A" day this is due Friday
    • "B" day this due Thursday


    2/21 FRI "B" DAY only

    • Review Homework #9 and any questions on graphing Trigonometric Functions
    • Test on Graphing Trigonometric Functions will be 2/25 TUES "B"
    • CSI:  Advanced Trigonometry Activity


    2/19 WED "B"     -     2/20 THU "A"

    • Review Homework 8 & Lesson Note Graphs on Translations
    • Lesson:  Notes:  Identify the characteristics of the trigonometric functions given transformations in radian and degree measure
    • Graph using degree and radian measures
    • Homework #9Worksheet on today's Lesson
    • Mini-TEST next class on 2/24 MON for "A" DAY students on graphing Trigonometric Functions with transformations and translations


    2/14 FRI "B"     -     2/18 TUE "A"

    • Review Quiz on Graphing sin, cos, tan
    • Review Graphic Organizer
    • LESSON:  Graphing Translations of Trigonometric Functions
    • Amplitude, period, phase shift, vertical shift, equation of midline
    • Homework #8:  Finish the note graphs and do the Homework Worksheet (see below for worksheet)
    • AK for Homework 8
    • AK to Lesson  Notes Translating Graphs


    2/12 WED "B"     -     2/13 THU "A"

    •  Corrected Worksheet for Translations with equations
    • "B" day will turn in Homework 5 scored and corrected this class.
    • Finish up any questions on the Cumulative Trigonometry Test.
    • Mark the problem wrong or right,  Write in the correct answer.  Make sure you have the score at the top and the corrections shown. Staple corrections to Top of scantron and test. I will collect these today.
    • Review Homework # 7:  we will go through the 12 problems and list coordinates, domain, range, amplitute, period, maximum, minimum coordinates, calculate value for different coordinates, do you have the "5" points clearly visible on the sine and cosine graphs?  Do you have the horizontal asymptotes on the tangent graph and the equations listed?
    • LESSON:  Translations of Trigonometric Functions: without graphing identify the vertical shifts, horizontal shifts (phase shift) and describe the translations
    • QUIZ on graphing y=asinbx, y=acosbx, y=atanbx
    • Homework:  Fill in the graphic organizer for sine, cosine, tangent parent functions.
    • On worksheet notes for Translations of Trigonometric Functions and Homework #8.  Fill in the amplitude, period, phase shift, vertical shift, midline for each trig function

    2/10 MON "B"     -     2/11 TUE "A"

    • Correct the TEST corrections.  Mark the problem wrong or right,  Write in the correct answer.  Make sure you have the score at the top and the corrections shown. Staple corrections to Top of scantron and test. I will collect these next class.
    • Periods 1 and 5 will turn in Homework 6 today
    • Continue Lesson  Graphing sine, cosine, tangent curves
    • Homework #7 Worksheet on Graphing Trigonometric Functions   AK for HW 7
    • If you have not done so already, Print these worksheets out for next Lesson class notes on Transformations of Trigonometric Functions
    •  You will have a QUIZ next class on graphing sine, cosine, tangent so if you are absent, get caught up before next class

    2/6 THU "B"     -     2/7 FRI "A"

    • Did you print out the note worksheets for class today?
    • "B" day classes need to turn in Homework #6 today
    • LESSON: Graphing Trigonometric Functions
    • parent functions for sine, cosine, tangent graphs
    • Domain, Range, X & Y intercepts, Asymptotes, Amplitude, Period
    • Homework:  Do TEST corrections for next class


    2/4 TUE "B"     -     2/5 WED "A"

    Cumulative Trigonometry Test

     I strongly suggest that you print out these worksheets for next class.  They will help with notes.

    Worksheets on Graphing Trigonometric Functions, graphic organizer and notes


    1/31 FRI "B"     -     2/3 MON "A"

    • Review Homework # 6
    • TEST on Trigonometry 2/4 TUE "B" & 2/5 WED "A"
    • REVIEW QUESTIONS presented by you
    • Homework:  Practice, Practice, Practice on albert.io assignment
    • this HW is optional


    1/29 WED "B"     -     1/30 THU "A"

    • Review HW #5
    • Upcoming Test:  2/4 TUES "B"  -  2/5 WED "A"
    • Lesson: Proving/Verifying Trigonometric Identities
    • Proving or Verifying and identity means to show that both sides of the equation are the same.
    • Simplify ONE side until it is equal to the other side of the equation.
    • Hint:  work with the side that looks more complicated.
    • Homework #6: Worksheet on Proving/Verifying Trigonometric Identities   AK
    • For next class it is mandatory to bring in the following:
    • Homework #1 , Homework # 5 and Homework #6 for review day


    1/27 MON  "B"     -     1/28 TUE "A"

    • Lesson: Finding Trig Values with Identities, Pythagorean Identities, Cofunction Identities, Even-Odd Identities
    • Homework #5: Worksheet on Basic Trigonometric Identities   AK


    1/23  THU "B"     -     1/24 FRI "A"

    • Work on Cumulative Test 3rd Quarter in notes


    1/22 WED "A"

    8:30 AM - 10:55 AM  Presentation of MENTAL WELLNESS BASICS


    1/17 FRI "A"     -     1/21 TUE "B"

    • Turn in Homework #3 the 17 moderate questions from albert.io 
    • TEST on Solving Equations and Simplifying Trig Expressions
    • Classwork/Homework #4: 6 difficult albert.io problems, no late submissions will be accepted so pay attention to deadline
    • you will turn in the paper copy only if the submission was not late


    1/15 WED "A"     -     1/16 THU "B"

    • Correct the Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions work
    • Only students with a 25/25 will be allowed to turn in the coloring worksheet
    • Review and collect Homework #2
    • Take QUIZ on Solving Trig Equations and Simplifying Trig Expressions
    • Homework #3:  this is an Albert.io assignment and YES...  All work must be neatly done on a separate sheet of paper *****PAY ATTENTION to the DEADLINE DATE and TIME


    TEST NEXT CLASS   1/17 FRI "A"  - 1/21 TUE "B"

    Simplifying and Solving Trigonometric Equations and Expressions


    1/13 MON "A"     -     1/14 TUE "B"

    • Review and collect Homework #1
    • Review and correct Task Cards activity, put these in your notes
    • Classwork: Worksheet on Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions 25 problems (color)
    • Do all your work neatly on a separate sheet of paper, not on the worksheet
    • On the worksheet, shade in the correct design for the answer
    • Color the design, be creative for a "hang worthy" assignment
    • do NOT fold, hole punch, mutilate, tear, or make a mess of the worksheet
    • do NOT staple the work to the worksheet
    • Homework #2:  P. 15: 113-116 all and P. 29: 101-104 all and P. 41: 119, 120
    • Also for Homework...go to albert.io and make sure you know how to do Homework 12 from last quarter. You also have a written copy of this assignment. Review it before next class, make sure you understand it.

    1/9 THU "A"     -     1/10 FRI "B"

    • Lesson Notes Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
    • Classwork:  Finish the Task Card Problems and turn in before you leave
    • Homework #1:  Worksheet on Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
    • AK for Homework #1


    1/7 TUE "A"     -     1/8 WED "B"

    • Clean Notebook
    • Refresh Syllabus rules, especially if you are absent for a graded assignment
    • Tutoring will be by appointment only, text or email me.
    • New Test/Quiz Tracker given
    • Notes: Pythagorean Identities
    • Classwork:  2nd Quarter Cumulative Test Corrrections, to be collected before you leave class today
    • Classwork: Start Trigonometric Equations Task Cards when you finish the Test corrections