2nd Semester

    Quarter 3


    ******3rd Quarter Cumulative Test on 3/12 THU "B" & 3/13 FRI "A" the Test will be 1.75 weighted

    No Review will be done in class.  You may come for help by appointment

    Make-up day for absences will be on MONDAY 3/23 at 7:00 AM (this is a teacher work day and the only day available for makeups)


    2/24 MON "A"     -     2/25 TUE "B"

    • TEST on Graphing Sine, Cosine, Tangent Curves with transformations
    • Homework:  CSI:  Advanced Trigonometry   for "A" day this is due Friday


    2/21 FRI "B" DAY only

    • Review Homework #9 and any questions on graphing Trigonometric Functions
    • Test on Graphing Trigonometric Functions will be 2/25 TUES "B"
    • CSI:  Advanced Trigonometry Activity


    2/19 WED "B"     -     2/20 THU "A"

    • Review Homework 8 & Lesson Note Graphs on Translations
    • Lesson:  Notes:  Identify the characteristics of the trigonometric functions given transformations in radian and degree measure
    • Graph using degree and radian measures
    • Homework #9Worksheet on today's Lesson
    • Mini-TEST next class on 2/24 MON for "A" DAY students on graphing Trigonometric Functions with transformations and translations


    2/14 FRI "B"     -     2/18 TUE "A"

    • Review Quiz on Graphing sin, cos, tan
    • Review Graphic Organizer
    • LESSON:  Graphing Translations of Trigonometric Functions
    • Amplitude, period, phase shift, vertical shift, equation of midline
    • Homework #8:  Finish the note graphs and do the Homework Worksheet (see below for worksheet)
    • AK for Homework 8
    • AK to Lesson  Notes Translating Graphs


    2/12 WED "B"     -     2/13 THU "A"

    •  Corrected Worksheet for Translations with equations
    • "B" day will turn in Homework 5 scored and corrected this class.
    • Finish up any questions on the Cumulative Trigonometry Test.
    • Mark the problem wrong or right,  Write in the correct answer.  Make sure you have the score at the top and the corrections shown. Staple corrections to Top of scantron and test. I will collect these today.
    • Review Homework # 7:  we will go through the 12 problems and list coordinates, domain, range, amplitute, period, maximum, minimum coordinates, calculate value for different coordinates, do you have the "5" points clearly visible on the sine and cosine graphs?  Do you have the horizontal asymptotes on the tangent graph and the equations listed?
    • LESSON:  Translations of Trigonometric Functions: without graphing identify the vertical shifts, horizontal shifts (phase shift) and describe the translations
    • QUIZ on graphing y=asinbx, y=acosbx, y=atanbx
    • Homework:  Fill in the graphic organizer for sine, cosine, tangent parent functions.
    • On worksheet notes for Translations of Trigonometric Functions and Homework #8.  Fill in the amplitude, period, phase shift, vertical shift, midline for each trig function

    2/10 MON "B"     -     2/11 TUE "A"

    • Correct the TEST corrections.  Mark the problem wrong or right,  Write in the correct answer.  Make sure you have the score at the top and the corrections shown. Staple corrections to Top of scantron and test. I will collect these next class.
    • Periods 1 and 5 will turn in Homework 6 today
    • Continue Lesson  Graphing sine, cosine, tangent curves
    • Homework #7 Worksheet on Graphing Trigonometric Functions   AK for HW 7
    • If you have not done so already, Print these worksheets out for next Lesson class notes on Transformations of Trigonometric Functions
    •  You will have a QUIZ next class on graphing sine, cosine, tangent so if you are absent, get caught up before next class

    2/6 THU "B"     -     2/7 FRI "A"

    • Did you print out the note worksheets for class today?
    • "B" day classes need to turn in Homework #6 today
    • LESSON: Graphing Trigonometric Functions
    • parent functions for sine, cosine, tangent graphs
    • Domain, Range, X & Y intercepts, Asymptotes, Amplitude, Period
    • Homework:  Do TEST corrections for next class


    2/4 TUE "B"     -     2/5 WED "A"

    Cumulative Trigonometry Test

     I strongly suggest that you print out these worksheets for next class.  They will help with notes.

    Worksheets on Graphing Trigonometric Functions, graphic organizer and notes


    1/31 FRI "B"     -     2/3 MON "A"

    • Review Homework # 6
    • TEST on Trigonometry 2/4 TUE "B" & 2/5 WED "A"
    • REVIEW QUESTIONS presented by you
    • Homework:  Practice, Practice, Practice on albert.io assignment
    • this HW is optional


    1/29 WED "B"     -     1/30 THU "A"

    • Review HW #5
    • Upcoming Test:  2/4 TUES "B"  -  2/5 WED "A"
    • Lesson: Proving/Verifying Trigonometric Identities
    • Proving or Verifying and identity means to show that both sides of the equation are the same.
    • Simplify ONE side until it is equal to the other side of the equation.
    • Hint:  work with the side that looks more complicated.
    • Homework #6: Worksheet on Proving/Verifying Trigonometric Identities   AK
    • For next class it is mandatory to bring in the following:
    • Homework #1 , Homework # 5 and Homework #6 for review day


    1/27 MON  "B"     -     1/28 TUE "A"

    • Lesson: Finding Trig Values with Identities, Pythagorean Identities, Cofunction Identities, Even-Odd Identities
    • Homework #5: Worksheet on Basic Trigonometric Identities   AK


    1/23  THU "B"     -     1/24 FRI "A"

    • Work on Cumulative Test 3rd Quarter in notes


    1/22 WED "A"

    8:30 AM - 10:55 AM  Presentation of MENTAL WELLNESS BASICS


    1/17 FRI "A"     -     1/21 TUE "B"

    • Turn in Homework #3 the 17 moderate questions from albert.io 
    • TEST on Solving Equations and Simplifying Trig Expressions
    • Classwork/Homework #4: 6 difficult albert.io problems, no late submissions will be accepted so pay attention to deadline
    • you will turn in the paper copy only if the submission was not late


    1/15 WED "A"     -     1/16 THU "B"

    • Correct the Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions work
    • Only students with a 25/25 will be allowed to turn in the coloring worksheet
    • Review and collect Homework #2
    • Take QUIZ on Solving Trig Equations and Simplifying Trig Expressions
    • Homework #3:  this is an Albert.io assignment and YES...  All work must be neatly done on a separate sheet of paper *****PAY ATTENTION to the DEADLINE DATE and TIME


    TEST NEXT CLASS   1/17 FRI "A"  - 1/21 TUE "B"

    Simplifying and Solving Trigonometric Equations and Expressions


    1/13 MON "A"     -     1/14 TUE "B"

    • Review and collect Homework #1
    • Review and correct Task Cards activity, put these in your notes
    • Classwork: Worksheet on Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions 25 problems (color)
    • Do all your work neatly on a separate sheet of paper, not on the worksheet
    • On the worksheet, shade in the correct design for the answer
    • Color the design, be creative for a "hang worthy" assignment
    • do NOT fold, hole punch, mutilate, tear, or make a mess of the worksheet
    • do NOT staple the work to the worksheet
    • Homework #2:  P. 15: 113-116 all and P. 29: 101-104 all and P. 41: 119, 120
    • Also for Homework...go to albert.io and make sure you know how to do Homework 12 from last quarter. You also have a written copy of this assignment. Review it before next class, make sure you understand it.

    1/9 THU "A"     -     1/10 FRI "B"

    • Lesson Notes Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
    • Classwork:  Finish the Task Card Problems and turn in before you leave
    • Homework #1:  Worksheet on Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
    • AK for Homework #1


    1/7 TUE "A"     -     1/8 WED "B"

    • Clean Notebook
    • Refresh Syllabus rules, especially if you are absent for a graded assignment
    • Tutoring will be by appointment only, text or email me.
    • New Test/Quiz Tracker given
    • Notes: Pythagorean Identities
    • Classwork:  2nd Quarter Cumulative Test Corrrections, to be collected before you leave class today
    • Classwork: Start Trigonometric Equations Task Cards when you finish the Test corrections